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Video Painting the King of the Sea on Ace Buchan’s Surfboard

I painted on the broken surfboard of pro surfer Adrian Buchan using Posca paint markers.

The music was written and recorded by Rio Rakoia especially for this video.

It is for an art show called BROKEN DREAMS involving ‘LA Division’ artists which sees broken surfboards provided by elite professional surfers repurposed into amazing artworks to convey the message of Take 3 for the Sea. The idea of Take 3 is pretty simple, next time you visit the beach, find three items of trash and throw them in the bin.

The boards will be exhibited at Wild Things gallery on 26 Feb 2016, Manly as part of the Australia Open of Surfing. All proceeds going towards the TAKE 3 education program that focuses on influencing our youth to take action against pollution.

An Ode to the King of the Sea

In the sea there was a king and he was king of the sea
For many years he was content as content as can be

But then stuff started to happen that made him real sad
All this junk entered his kingdom and this junk was real bad

The land dwelling folks got more careless by the day
Dumping their garbage in an offhand kind of way

All this rubbish was killing the creatures of the deep
They were choking on garbage and entering the eternal sleep

So if you see some garbage while you’re down at the beach
Pick up at least three pieces and that would be sweet

The king of the sea will be well pleased with you
He’ll flash you a smile and also a shaka too

The End


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