April 20, 2019 at 01:19PM

Hope y’all having a nice Easter long weekend! If you’re heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show come by and say hi, I’ve got a stall set up in the Fashion and Style Pavillion and the last day of the show is Tuesday.
So the Easter bunny will soon be here so it’s a good time to introduce his nephew Ralph the Rabbit. I drew him up for my recent collaboration with @walnutmelbourne. Checkout their online shop to see the kids shoes we did together.
The story of Ralph the Rabbit

Once there was a rabbit called Ralph the Rabbit 🐰 and he was really good at skateboarding in old abandoned swimming pools that had good curves ideal for carving and stuff. He once held the record of 2 hours 3 minutes for continuous pool carving above the lip but was soon beaten by Tony the Turtle 🐢 who by slow and steady progress beat Ralph’s record by 3.5 minutes. One time Tony and Ralph had a race down Deadmans Hill on their skaters but Ralph’s wheel fell off at a critical moment and he crashed quite badly and was in hospital for a couple of weeks but he is all better now (although he is missing a toe). The End

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