April 28, 2018 at 11:05AM

I originally painted Bermuda Bobby King of the Beach on the shores of Bondi Beach a few years ago, he’s been painted over since then and has recently been spotted on the sunny shores of Nicaragua.

Painted by @yo_melski on the walls of @surfwithalex surf shop he is a welcome site to many a road weary surf traveller.

An Ode to Bermuda Beard Bobby King of the Beach

Once in a while there comes along a guy
Whose beard is nearly as big as the sky

His beard has the most magical reach
That’s why we call him Bermuda Bobby King of the Beach

His beard is so deep like the ocean blue
With a multitude of islands poking out through

Unseen to the eye deep within that beard fur
Swim magical dolphins singing the songs of Cher

Their harmonies are really something to hear
Like musical gold dripping in your left ear

So next time you hit the beach and its sands so yella
Spare a thought for Bobby the beach loving fella

The End

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