August 02, 2018 at 09:15PM

Was great to add some colourful characters to St George School, Kogarah.

Cheers to the crew for having me along, @taubmans for the paint and @maan_nueva, @georgiekdesign, @feinfantiart and Kayla and the students for helping out.
The story of Sammy the Giraffe and Kevvy the Toucan

Sammy and Kevvy were best buds and were heaps popular with all the other kids and once they got invited to 3 parties on the same Saturday night. They went to all 3 parties and had rad times like they did sweet dance moves at 2 of the parties and played pin the tail on the donkey at another and even did karaoke at one of the parties. It was a super fun evening and Sammy even scored a purple ball that stayed afloat for like a month after the party, it was a truly magical balloon. If only all balloons were so good as that purple balloon was.

The End.

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