August 02, 2019 at 05:10PM

Bubby the Cockatoo on the wall outside Mount Isa Family Fun Park

The story of Bubby the Cockatoo
Once there was a cockatoo called Bubby the Cockatoo and when he was little he was heaps cute and his family called him Bubby but when he got older he wasnt as cute because when you get older you’re just not cute anymore but the name had stuck. His favourite place to fly around was up at the Blue Mountains because blue was his favourite colour plus there was sweet cliffs and stuff for nice updrafts and the air was super fresh and crisp and felt good on his feathery wings. He had a great home life and played lots of table tennis and Nintendo with his bros so whenever he went for a fly he would always head back home because there was no place like home.

The End

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