August 09, 2019 at 08:19AM

It’s Olga the Brolga at Mount Isa Family Fun Park.
The story of Olga the Brolga

Once there was a Brolga called Olga and she was a splendid Brolga who was super excellent at ballet. She won all the ballet tournaments in her region when she was younger and then when she grew up she was the lead dancer for the Mt Isa Bird Ballet company the most prestigious ballet company in the whole of Australia at the time. After dancing for the company for a few years she got hit by a truck and broke her leg but was able to recover and was back to dancing in no time. She held the world record for dancing the ‘Swan Lake’ dance more times than anyone else in the world and people started calling the dance Brolga Lake because she was so good at it and all that.
The End

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