August 21, 2018 at 05:14PM

Mountain Head Marv sweaters now in stock, they’re super warm and cuddly like Marv and we’ve got them in kids sizes as well as adults and also in t-shirt form.
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Marv wasn’t born in the mountains but he loved them so
Whenever he had some time off that’s where he’d go

He’d take his family and in a mountain cabin they’d stay
He loved the serenity and the crisp air of the day

He’d indulge in his pastime of fly fishing in the creeks
But fish are elusive especially the fish that he seeks

One time in the Himalayas he nearly caught a Golden Mahseer
If he landed that mystical fish he would have given a great cheer

He would have done a jig and then hugged a tree
Maybe some other silly things cause he was filled with glee

But he didnt catch that fish but he saw another magical sight
In the summer mountain air he watched the sun setting for the night

It was the best he had seen and one he’d never forget
Especially cause his Golden Mahseer leaped from the water in silhouette
The End

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