August 24, 2019 at 01:10PM

The undersea whale themed mural I painted with the students at Beauty Point Public School. It heavily features two humpbacks and a southern right whale who often travel past Sydney in their aquatic adventures. Here’s a story about them:

The story of Wexley, Warren and Wendy the Whales

Once there was two whales called Warren and Wendy who were brother and sister and they were well known for their sideshow acrobatic act that they performed at fairs and festivals all around the state. Their act was called ‘Warren and Wendy doing flips and stuff’ and they did indeed do flips and other acrobatic feats like cartwheels and roly-polys and headstands and other tricky stuff like that.

They were moderately successful but should have had a lot more success and then they met Wexley who became their manager and he was heaps good at internet marketing and negotiating so they became heaps more successful and started booking corporate gigs and other lucrative opportunities and everything went pretty much swimmingly from then on in.

The End.
Cheers to Karl, Janelle and the school community for hosting me. A couple of times when I was painting I heard clapping and when I turned around there was a group of students giving me a clap. Quite nice of them.

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