August 28, 2018 at 08:32AM

A beardy paper mask artwork I created for the recent Paper Shrine Exhibiton held at @lamingtondrive. Cheers Benja at @paperform for the invitation!

The Sydney installment of the exhibition will be held at @chinaheights on 23 November. Well worth a visit as there’ll be heaps of awesome masks on show.
An Ode to Me, My Beard and I

There’s a mask I wear each and every day
It’s a hairy thing and it’s black and gray

It keeps my face warm when the temps are cold
But one downside is it makes me look a little old

It’s alive like an animal with a mind of its own
Especially when the south winds start to blow

When its time to think it comes alive
The ideas percolate when I stroke its hide

It gives me magical powers and extra strength
And these just increase as it grows in length

It’s pretty darn wild and not very neat
But you gotta know that this beard is pretty sweet
The End

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