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Let’s Go Troppo and B&W Art Exhibitions


B&W Art Exhibition at the Tate

I have contributed artworks to 2 art shows happening on the same evening.

One is on the North side of Sydney and one is in the inner city.

There is many excellent artists involved in both these art shows and your eyeballs will thank you should you choose to attend.

Eiffel Tower Collage

Eiffel tower collage by Mulga the Artist

© Mulga 2013, Eiffel Tower, Collage

This is a collage I made and is the third in a series of four.

You can buy a print here.

An Ode to Eiffel Tower Boat People

I emerged from the deep
In a lake so smooth
The Eiffel tower so sleek
I was in my groove

My appearance here
Was wholly unexpected
But I was very near
And the boat people were unaffected

The tower loomed
Like a steel beast
Large and overhead
My eyes did feast

Oh the wonder
That I did behold
On this very day
A statement bold

The End

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China by Mulga the Artist-web
© Mulga 2014, Great Wall of China, Collage

This is a collage I made and is two in a series of four.

You can buy a print here.

An Ode to the Great Wall of China

Hello out there
Can you see me here?
Behind the boats
Quite far not near

I’ve made a discovery
So alarming to me
The Great Wall of China
Not where it’s meant to be

Like a snake in the grass
Through the hills it winds
I can’t believe I’ve found it
This find of finds

Yet something else
Is slightly off key
In the sky above
A creature like me

Doesn’t anyone notice?
Doesn’t anyone care?
I see three moons
And that sight is rare

The End

Walrus Pyramid

Walrus Pyramid by Mulga the Artist
© Mulga 2013, Walrus Pyramid, Collage

This is a collage I made and is one of a series of four.

You can buy a print here.

An Ode to Walrus Pyramid

I journeyed with my pals
Into the sea
The walrus folk
Are just like you and me

They value family and friends
And getting along
And making amends
When things go wrong

Then we saw a thing so weird
A pyramid in the sea
The walrus folk were all so freaked
As well as me

Why is there smoke
Shooting from the peak
Of a pyramid so ancient
Emerging from the deep

A question such as this
Shall linger on
But we shall leave
Singing our walrus song

The End

Endless Summer Paintings

art battle

Happy New year dudes! These are my creative contributiosn to the Endless Summer Festival.

In other news, I am having my first live paint of the year at Name this Bar on Oxford Street tomorrow night (2 Jan 2014) starting at 8:30. It is an art battle, so it is serious business.

Endless Summer Festival

Mulga in the Leader for the Endless Summer Festival

I will be at the Endless Summer Festival making live art and also hosting my market stall on the dates 27, 28 and 29 December.

The festival will be very good with free entry awesome bands, art displays, live art and heaps of other stuff.

I was interviewed by the Leader about the festival and this is today’s front page of my local newspaper. Read the online article here.

See you there.

– Mulga

Joshua The Jolly Elephant – Video

This is a time lapse video of me creating Joshua the Jolly Elephant.

I also recite a poem about Joshua which I composed whilst staying in the African Jungle with a herd of African Elephants called the Big Grey Crew.

They are a lively bunch.

Joshua the Jolly Elephant

joshua the jolly elephant-slide

This is Joshua the Jolly Elephant. I was commissioned to paint him by a dude called Joshua.

An Ode to Joshua the Jolly Elephant

Joshua the Jolly Elephant sure knows how to have fun
From the early morning to the setting of the sun

He’s always playing games and singing a song
If you’re in his presence you’ll be smiling before long

He is the CEO of the Fun Time Crew
A gang of animals where having fun ain’t nothing new

Every quarter they organise the fun time games
All the animals join in, even the ones with manes

They have running races and tunnel ball
Bobbing for apples and so much more

They have the best darn fun in the land
And as we know having fun is oh so grand

The End

Gunbeard Guerrero

Gunbeard Guerrero by Mulga the Artist

I painted Gunbeard Guerroro live at StreetFest: Food Trucks United an event held in Sydney on the first Friday of the month.

It is painted with posca paint pens and acrylic on marine plywood sized at 120 x 80 cm.

As a the time of this writing he is available for sale at Platform72.


Mulga on MTV!!

Now this is cool people!!

MTV hung out with me for a day and filmed a little profile on me .

I was filmed painting my recent mural at Bondi Beach and also at a party at Oxford Art Factory and also at an Artfuly artshow opening at Somedays Gallery.


Mulgafest Video Competition

Mulgafest Video Competition

Music videos are rad but what about art poetry videos, that doesn’t sound too snazzy but let’s change that!

Mulgafest is an annual video competition aiming to showcase the worlds most raddest video makers. It is a collaboration between Mulga and the video maker and celebrates art and poetry and video in one fun little package.


The winner will receive a $300 Mulga gift voucher. This voucher can be used to purchase Mulga goodies such as clothes, art prints, an original artwork or a custom Mulga painting.

Every submission gets an A4 Mulga print.


Make a video about a Mulga artwork with the poem about the artwork being the audio or as text in the video.

If you want, send an email to telling me which artwork you want to feature and I can record the poem for you.

How to enter

Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then email with the link.

I will then put the video on my website.

How is the winner selected?

Mulga will select his favourite video.


Video submissions close 31 January 2013.

Live Painting – Lo Fi Basel Royale

These are some photos from the night of live painting on 12 September 2013 at Lo Fi for The Basel Royale Art Prize 2013. 

I painted a viking with axes in his beard. I like him. I decided to paint in black and white as we had a strict time limit of 3 hours to complete the painting and colour would slow me down too much.

I painted alongside Irene Feleo, she is great at painting go check her art out.

This is a competition and the winner gets to go to the Art Basel Miami in December 5 – 8, 2013, with flights, accommodation and passes to events at the international arts festival. This convergence of key artistic figureheads is one of the art world’s most respected events with a mixture of historically important and contemporary works.

You can help me win this competition by liking my picture of Spout Trunk Sammy on the instagram of loficollective.

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 0

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 2

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 1

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 3

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 5

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 6

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 7

FBi Radio 10th Birthday Painting

I painted a big gorilla wearing headphones at FBi radio’s 10th birthday party on 8 October 2013.

It was a splendid occasion and I enjoyed the experience immensely. There was good bands playing and all the people in the crowd had lovely outfits on. I enjoyed listening to Sarah Blasko and doing a jig when the Presets played. Midnight Juggernauts were also great.

These photos are a record of the day, you can see I am smiling in some of the photos and that proves that I was enjoying myself.

Mulga painting at FBi Radio 10th birthday party

mulga the artist painting at fbi 1

mulga the artist painting at fbi 2

mulga the artist painting at fbi 4 

mulga the artist painting at fbi 3

Live Painting at Lo Fi for The Basel Royale Art Prize 2013

lo ficollective basel royale art prize 2013 with Mulga the artist

This Thursday night I will be painting live and competitively at Lo Fi. The winner out of 24 finalists is a sweet adventure to Miami.

It will be radical and the thing I am painting will have axes and horns and beards and lightning bolts in it so you know it will be good.

I need peeps there to vote for me with magical golden tokens that they give you on the night.

You can also vote for me on instagram by giving my picture of Spout Trunk Sammy a like on the instagram called @loficollective.

Where: Lo-Fi, Kinselas Building, Level 2, 383 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW

When: Competition: 6pm – 9pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

Captain Dad

Captain Dad by Mulga the Artist

Happy father’s day ya scurvy dogs.

This is my dad and I painted him and called him Captain Dad, he likes to sail on the seas.

In real life he is even more colourful.

Archibald Entry

I entered the Archibald Prize for the first time in 2013.

As I didn’t know any famous Australian’s I painted myself.

I used Posca paint pens on plywood and then covered the whole painting in resin which gives it a nice polished and shiny look. The colours really pop when the resin is applied.

I didn’t make it as a finalist this year but there is always next year and the year after.Archibal Entry 2012 Mulga the Artist-611px wide

Archibal Entry 2012 Mulga the Artist with kids-611px widePhoto credit: Kieran Moore Photography

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