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Fozzie Bear

© Mulga 2012, Fozzie Bear, Posca and Acrylic Paint on Paper, 14.8 x 21 cm
This is a painting of the hilarious Fozzie Bear I did for the upcoming Good Jelly sketchbook exhibition in Wollongong. He says Wocka, wocka, wocka after he tells a joke!
If you like what you see you can buy a print at my online store (

See you next time
– Mulga

An article Bearded Gentlemen Music wrote about me


In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, we have made some sweet logo and design changes to the site and our various social media outlets. We now have a new custom designed logo / artwork from an Australian artist named Mulga.

I randomly discovered Mulga’s art when I was searching the term “afro with a beard” on Google images (I’m strange I know, I just REALLY love Afros and beards are magical) . In my search I discovered this amazing drawing called “The Majestic Afro and Beard of Jungle Man” which was a piece that Mulga had created based on a picture of Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio.  The intricacy and line work of the drawing were mind blowing and upon visiting his blog I also discovered that he was also obsessed with the mystical power of beards (see our first post) and zombie’s (two of my favorite things) so I began internet stalking him for a couple months.
After all of the stalking and admiring of all his new art he was creating, I finally got in touch with him and asked if he would be willing to create us an amazing piece of bearded art. He accepted and created us “Harry The Hipster”. Now, I know I am bit biased but “Hairy the Hipster has to be one of the greatest pieces of all time, far surpassing “The Mona Lisa” or “The Scream” or any other sub par paintings of that sort. I mean look at that picture, isn’t that insanely awesome!?
So, to tie this all back into music. I would like to mention that Mulga is also a musician and performs in his band Mulgas Room. They make some cool songs. Their latest “O’er the Hills” is a pretty catchy and well written tune.

The band has a bunch of other sweet tunes as well on their BandCamp, go check them out.
I also got our Australian friend to send us a list of some of his favorite tunes:

Here are a few other of my favorite pieces of art that Mulga has created.
Mulga also designs t-shirts as well as skateboards and stuff like. So if
you dig any of his stuff get in touch and I’m sure he would be stoked to hook you up, or sell you a print of any pieces that you like.
If you look around on the internet there are a bunch of independent artists out there creating a lot of really great and interesting art work. When you get some time to waste I encourage everyone to hop on the ol’ net and do some searching. That’s how I found Mulga and my life and everyone else’s life that’s associated with BGM has taken a turn for the better. Because music, movies, and art are gifts from the gods. Haha.

Harry the Headphone Hipster

© Mulga 2012, Harry the Headphone Hipster, Acrylic on Canvas,30 x 40 cm

This is a recent commission I completed.

An Ode to Harry the Headphone Hipster

Hipster Harry liked the song
That was sung from his beard
He listened in all day long
Until he turned so weird

His hair turned a tone of green
His nose a shade of yellow
His moustache curled towards the sky
And his eyes became all mellow

He floated in the cloud of buzz
That his DJ beard turned out
Thus became his magic facial fuzz
As colourful as a trout

Green and blue and blue and green
Like the colours of the sea
Orange, pink and yellow
And anything in between

Roll up your trousers
Grab some loafers
Grow that fringe all out
Don some over sized headphones
And do the hipster flout

The End

See you next time

Gary the Gorilla

© Mulga 2012, Gary the Gorilla, Coffee and Ink on Paper, 15 x 21 cm

Gary the Gorilla will be sitting in my sketchbook which will be at the Good Jelly sketchbook exhibition on the 3rd of September at Wollongong. 
There will be 29 other pages with Gary’s friends in the sketchbook. Yew!

An Ode to Gary the Gorilla

Gary is a Gorilla
A big beast of a thing
He lives in Manilla
He loves to sing

He is a superstar in Manilla
The biggest ape in town
He drinks a milkshake of vanilla
He can kill with his frown

Some call him the Gorilla Beiber
For his fame and his songs
The female chimps really love him
Even though he wears thongs

The End

See you next time.

Ned Kelly Was a Hipster

© Mulga 2012, Ned Kelly was a Hipster, Ink on Paper stained by coffee, 30 x 40 cm
Prints available at my magical online shop.

Did you know Ned Kelly was a hipster?

This drawing is based on a photo of him the day before his execution and I was struck by how fashionable he would look today. He would fit right in with the hipster vibe.
An Ode to Ned Kelly the Hipster Bushranger
A hipster was Ned Kelly
A notorious bushy ranger too
His favorite food was jelly
He rocked a hipster do
The End
See you next time

Rastabeard Skate deck

© Mulga 2012, RastaBeard Skate deck, Acrylic and Posca on skateboard

This is a skate deck I painted for my buddy Jerry, it is a rastaman just like Jerry. I call it Rastabeard.

An Ode to Rastabeard

Rastabeard is a jolly chap
With a smile on his face
And hands that clap
Like home there is no place

Where good times cannot be had
Singing and jiving all night long
Always happy and never sad
Rastabeard is full of song

The End

See you next time


© Mulga 2012, Fever, Highlighter and Ink on Paper, 22 x 30 cm

This is the illustration I did for the latest issue of Untold Method Magazine (a cool online mag with awesome art and words and stuff). 
My drawing is in Issue 4: Infestation, on page 11, go there to find out what it means!
See you next time.

Jelly Bean Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Jelly Bean Zombie, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

An Ode to the Jelly Bean Zombie

Jelly bean zombie
Liked to play
In the lolly jar
Night and day

He ate so many
He turned into
A jelly bean head
Through and through

The End

See you next time

Viking Valgerd The Sad

© Mulga 2012, Viking Valgerd The Sad, Acrylic Paint and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

This is my latest submission for CreatureMag as part of Mulga’s Zombie Zoo.

An Ode to Valgerd The Sad

Sourced from the depths within these rainbow coloured tears
Gather in the many hairs of Val’s chinny chin chin

And without this magic liquid that from his eyes doth flow
This zombie vikings beard would all but fail to grow

And without the beard Val would lose his strength
Which is proportional to the beards girth and length

So to be strong he must be sad and cry like a child
That has lost his mummy in the supermarket aisle

See you next time

Diamond Head Knows All The Answers

© Mulga 2012, Diamond Head Knows All The Answers, Acrylic on Canvas,34 x 45 cm

This is Diamond Head and he knows all the answers.
He is kind of like the Key Master out of The Matrix although I never knew what Mr Key Master exactly did, he had a bunch of keys and they opened all kind of doors if I recall correctly. That is what Diamond Head is like except instead of doors he can open answers to any questions you may have.

This original “Diamond Head Knows All The Answers” painting is for sale for $150. Email me if you want it.

It would really brighten up your lounge room or dining room or bedroom or bathroom or kids room or games room or sitting room or rumpus room etc.

Here is a picture of me and the painting so you can see it in a real life setting.

As an added feature this painting has diamond shapes on the sides as shown in the picture below. This is a truly special feature and is worth the price of admission alone.
See you next time

We Know/See Everything

 © Mulga 2012, We Know Everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

© Mulga 2012, We see everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

These are 2 zombies that have special powers.

The first zombie dude reckons he know everything and this is signified by the diamond that he holds above his head.  The diamond sparkles and is ever so pretty. He wears a pretty cool singlet with nice stripes and a fish on it. Fish is his favorite food to eat after human brain.

The second zombie dude has a star on his forehead with little dashes coming out of it which alludes to the fact that he can see everything. Maybe he can maybe he can’t, no-one really knows. He also has a ponytail that is too big for his head. That is because I drew the pony tail first and the body second, not the best way to do things.

See you next time

Fish Beard Phil

© Mulga 2012, Fish Beard Phil, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm
This is my latest post for CreatureMag
An Ode to Fish Beard Phil
With a beard so wet and blue as this
It’s no surprise it’s home to fish
Bass and marlin and tuna too
Even a few whales big and blue
When Phil needs a feed he casts a net
Into his beard and his need is met
It’s fish for breakfast, lunch and tea
That’s fine with Phil the sea zombie
See you next time

Magic Lion

© Mulga 2012, Magic Lion, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Magic Lion

This here lion
Is magic indeed
His roar is special
And he likes to feed

On zebras and beef
And goats and sheep
But the village people
Call him a thief

Whenever he roars
People run away
The roar is magical
That’s what the people say

It’s said he runs like a leopard
And flies like a bird
Swims like a gator
With colours absurd

He is as strong as a rhino
Has vision like an eagle
As cunning as a fox
And teeth so lethal

Magic Lion rules supreme
King of the jungle
Ruler of the pride
And he likes to rumble

See you next time
– Mulga

Let Them Try

© Mulga 2012, Let Them Try, Ink on Paper, 18 x 14 cm

His name is Bonzo
He is large and mean
His style is gonzo
He eats a mung bean

He lives in a cave
Dark and deep
Full of gold
He wishes to keep

He has regular visitors
To his place
Those thieves and bandits
All meet the mace

“Let them try”
He’s been known to say
And”Gives me some exercise”
“Make my day”

Boom, bash
Crash and boom
“Invade my cave
And meet thy doom!”

The End

See you next time

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

© Mulga 2012, King Herman the Third, Zombie King, Ink on Paper and digitally coloured, 9 x 14 cm

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

This is King Herman the Third, king of the modern day zombies.
He rules with an iron glove and eats people like there’s no tommorrow.

He once ate a dude for breakfast with some honey on top.
It’s been rumured that he has zombiefied over 10,000 persons all due to his humungous appetite for human flesh and world domination.

The quote in the picture relates to the fact that the zombie army is growing and that the zombie apocolypse will soon be upon us and that the world as we know it will come to an end and King Herman the Third will assume control of the population of Earth.

He plans to eat all peoples so that the whole Earth is only made up of zombies then he wants to build a big spaceship and fly to the moon and live there because after the taste of human flesh cheese is his second favourite flavour.

Time will only tell if he succeeds, but I have been hearing stories of increased zombie attacks in the news, so it looks like the time to freak out could be upon us.

See you next time.