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Death From Above

Falcon with green lazer beams by Mulga the Artist 300dpi 600px wide

This is an artwork of a Perigrin Falcon. They are silent killers.
They are awesome hunters and have the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes.
They prey on other birds like ducks, pheasants and pigeons and even bats. They usually always attack in mid flight by a kick to the face.
Sometimes they kill by shooting laser beams from their eyes. They do this when they don’t feel like kicking and when they want a warm meal.
They fly damn fast too. They can travel up to 320 kilometers per hour when in a dive bomb.
They live on every continent in the world except Antarctica. It’s probably too cold for them there.
Some falcons travel 15,000 kilometers per year and like to go back to their own nest. Some nests have been in use for hundreds of years and are occupied by successive generations of falcons. How cool is that!
See you next time.

Green and Pink Stripey Frog

Here’s a frog.
I drew him with highlighter and art-line felt tip pen.
He has a green torso and pink legs, arms, feet, hands and eye.
He’s got lots of stripes and patterns on him.
Here’s an acrostic poem:

Fun. Frogs must have heaps of fun because they are really good at jumping. Pearl has lots of fun jumping and she can’t even jump very high. Imagine if you could jump as good as a frog. You would be like some kind of super hero. Maybe you would be called the Frog-Man.
Running. Frog’s can’t run but this is compensated by their excellent jumping ability. See above.
Only male frogs can croak. Some frogs can whistle and some can chirp like a bird.
Goliath Frog. This type of frog is the biggest frog in the world and can grow up to 3 feet long when stretched out. See a pic here.
See you next time.

Stripes of a colour stick together

This is a painting on canvas with acrylic paint and posca.
There are nine stripes under-girding this piece and 9 eye balls looking on in an indifferent gaze.
They are varied in colour.
I submitted this to Illustration Friday’s current topic of “Stripes”.
See you next time.
– Mulga

The Scary Hairy Frogman

When i look at the Scary Hairy Frogman so many many questions arise, such as:
-why is the Frogman hairy? Typically frogs are hairless creatures. Is this some new mutant breed of creature, half frog and half hairy man?
-why does a Frogman need an umbrella. Frog’s love the water and often live in its cool embrace? Perhaps he is sheltering from the ozone hole.
-why does a Frogman wear dress shoes? Frog’s are typically casual creatures, even Kermit who hosted his own television show didn’t wear shoes much less shoes as stylish as the Scary Hairy Frogman. Perhaps he is a frequenter of dancing clubs, we do not know.
-why is one of his arms much longer than the other? Is this a birth defect or just bad penmanship or even a mutation due to his frequent use of aforementioned umbrella.
-why are his nipples x’s. This is odd and we do not have the time allocated to explore this issue further.
-when i look at his mouth i wonder if he whistling or going in for a kiss or going ooooh!
I have adequately demonstrated there are many questions unanswered. If you are able to answer any questions please contact me immediately. If you remain curious i advise you to subscribe to my blog by inserting your email address into the top left corner of this page. All will be revealed in due course.
Long live the Scary Hairy Frogman!

Sun Face on My Surfboard

I drew a sun face on my surfboard with a black posca.
He appears to be whistling or saying ‘oooh’.
Some facts about the sun:
The sun is now a middle-aged star, meaning it is at about the middle of its life.
The sun is 109 times wider then the earth and 333,000 times heavier.
The sun rotates every 25-36 days.
The sun is the ultimate source of fuel.
We would be so dead without the sun.
See you next time
– Mulga

p.s. I’m selling this surfboard. It’s in pretty good condition. The dimensions are 6’5 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2.
It comes with future fins and a tailpad and the artwork is included. Drop me a line if your interested.


Here’s a little drawing of a shark i did. He is made up of a few different kinds of patterns.
Here is a poem about sharks in acrostic style.

Sharks are the kings of the sea.
Huge.Sharks can get pretty huge. A case in point is the 470kg, 3.8 metre tiger shark which was caught 500 metres off Main beach, Gold Coast in Queensland on Thursday 13 October 2011.
Awesome predators. They are heaps good at eating stuff. They are king of the food chain in the ocean. They are like the lions of the sea.
Running is not what sharks are good at. They are better at swimming. A Mako shark can swim 96 kilometres per hour.
Kebabs. Sharks like to eat kebabs, and people.
Swell shark, which lives in New Zealand barks like a dog. Woof woof!

See you next time.

Le Crabtraption

This is le humble crab. I drew this on paper with gauche (with some water added) and posca pen.
The crab is a great contraption that God invented.
Crabs are cool because they can run sideways really well and because of this they are really good at soccer because they are excellent jockeyer’s. It also helps to have 8 feet (not including the claws). However, sadly they are bad dancers because they have 4 left feet.
Please beware that crabs are decapods and they have teeth on the inside of their stomach, kinda like that pit in the desert that Jabba the Hutt hangs out at. That is one scary scene.

Here’s a crab joke.
A man walks into a restaurant and says, “Do you serve crabs here?”
The waitress replies, “We serve everyone. Have a seat.”

Here’s a poem I composed about crabs in acrostic style. It doesn’t ryhme (sorry).

Crabs are cannibals and will eat their best friend if he is a weakling
Running sideways is what crabs are good at (and also chomping stuff with their claws)
A crab can grow it’s claw back if it gets lost/chomped by it’s other claw/stuck under a rock etc (awesome!)
Blue swimmer crabs are a type of crab and are yummy.
Some say the superman of crabs is the Japanese Spider Crab. These crabs are huge (and scary)!

So crabs are not so boring after all. See you next time.

Giant Land Turtle

I drew this turtle. He is flouro in colour. Did you know that turtles that live in colder climates hibernate for part of the year, the part that is really cold. I bet it would be hard getting to sleep if you were positioned next to this crazy coloured reptile down in a burrow under ground. This turtle is a giant land turtle and he lives in the warm parts of the world so he doesnt have to hibernate. He has no natural predators apart from himself. He could die by falling off a cliff or by getting stuck upside down in a crevice. Imagine walking along in the Galapagos Islands and you see this great big turtle stuck upside down in a crevice with his legs waving in the air. What a sight that would be to behold.
– Mulga

New Art By Mulga – Nordic Warlord

Some pics of the Nordic Warlord in progress below.

Here is a new artwork i painted with posca pens on cardboard.
He is a viking but i like to think of him as a Nordic warlord.
Viking’s have a reputation of being pretty ferocious but this viking dude looks pretty mellow, even Zen like.
He appears to be a pretty tough dude but he has pig tails, it’s kind of a contradiction.
He has a wicked mean beard and you can imagine all the sorts of food he gets stuck in there after a massive feast back at the village after coming back from a raid from over the other side of the ocean.
There’s probably a boar drumstick hidden in there somewhere.
– Mulga


Ink on paper.

I drew 19 animals.
Look into their eyes and be mesmerized.
Animals are cool to draw.
Can you name all the animals? You are better at animals than me if you can.
I don’t know what some of these animals are called, especially that one with two heads. I think that one is not even a real animal, but it is my favorite animal in this drawing. Which is your favourite?

Cosmic Egg Head Man

Here is my latest art for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a poem I wrote inspired by the Cosmic Egg Head Man:

The boundaries of the mind
Can translate to the face
Take care what you think
Everything finds its place

Here is another little poem:

The cold winds of space
Is where you’ll see the face
Of the cosmic egghead man
And his master race

Zombie in Disguise

I drew this fluoro zombie so i could be apart of the weekly challenge on a website called illustration friday. Someone suggests a topic and then people do some art about the topic and then put it up on the website. This is my first submission and thought it would be a bit of fun. I’ve been in the mood for drawing fluoro zombies lately so i thought i would draw one with a little disguise on. My illustration shows that the disguises people wear can sometimes (or most times be pretty crappy). For example, who is this zombie fooling with that disguise, he’s a fluoro zombie for goodness sake, he would need a bag over his head to disguise his ugly melon. That being said, his disguise is not as crappy as superman’s. Taking your glasses off and brushing your hair is not a disguise. I dunno who he is fooling but i guess the locals in metropolis are pretty dopey. Unfortunately half way through my drawing i realised my error in using green paint. He looks like a crappy interpretation of a teenage mutant ninja turtle (TMNT). I call him Picasso.

Skull Mania

Hey hey

I drew a skull and then waved my wand and multiplied it in many beautiful colours and inversions
This is the resultant creation
Skulls are cool

Eyes are cool

I drew some creatures with many eyes to thee
What you do they shall see
There’s an eagle, a feline and a man as well
There is no fish or a dog or bell


This is a picture i painted of an owl. When Pearl sees it she says ‘toot toot’.
I wrote a poem from the perspective of the owl.

I’m an owl, in the darkness i prowl
I love to eat meat, that’s my kind of feast
When i grab some mice they usually die of fright
When i see a mouse that’s when i pounce
My eyes are lazy but my neck is crazy
It turns 270 degrees up in them trees
When i hang with my buddies people call us a study

The end

A group of owls is also called a parliament or a wisdom. I thought that was interesting but found it too hard to incorporate into the poem. If you can rhyme that little tidbit drop me a line and ill add it into the poem.

Mr Monster man hanged from the cloud and got zapped in the noggin!

This is a drawing i did of Mr Monster man hanging from a cloud but the cloud got really angry (as you can see from his eyes which are tilted inwards) and decided to zap him on the noggin with some high voltage electricity. Now this really stung Mr Monster man and you can see he is not really having much fun in this instance but he is determined to hold on so he didn’t let go. Maybe he was hitching a ride somewhere on the cloud and floated up to the currents high in the atmosphere and if he let go he would fall to the ground with a great big thud and maybe sprain his ankle. Pearl drew the little monster man in the corner. She has some talent.

Mr Shooting Starman

This is Mr Shooting Starman I drew for our film clip for the song Shooting Star which Anna is making.

Here’s a link to the song if you want to download or listen to it. 

I like the look of him because he has a crazy gleam in his eye and has a bow tie and curly shoes. There’s not enough curly shoes out there for my liking. The bow tie gives him a formal look while the baseball cap (he wears backwards to give him some street cred) adds a casual juxtaposition to his whole look. He brings it all together by ensuring his accessories are all a matching red colour. You will also notice he has black and white stripped socks. These socks along with the curly shoes you might recognize from the major motion picture titled ‘The Wizard of Oz’. In the movie they made you think it was the Wicked Witch of the West which got squashed by the flying house after the tornado. It was actually Mr Shooting Starman which got caught up in the storm and squashed. He had a lengthy stay in hospital and 2 years of gruelling re-hab before he could take to the skies again. He has never been happier, which you can see by the big smile on his happy face. I applaud you Mr Shooting Star for overcoming your obstacles and living your dream!