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Sweet Underwear

Thanks to all you peeps that entered my lil comp to win some of these sweet underdacks. The winners of the Timothy Toucan undies are @kerrodg_ and @mrsccdixon won the gorilla ones, congrats!You can buy your very own pair of these limited edition X and Y Underwear arty underpants from my internet shop. They will also be available in Myer from September.

Mulga Puzzles!

Jungle Friends JigSaw Puzzle byt Mulga

The Mulga Puzzles have arrived!
Super limited stock and super awesome!

To celebrate I’m having an introductory sale of 20% off puzzles until Monday in my online shop.

Just use the code “puzzlemaster”.

Yay, let’s get puzzled!

Remy the Rainbow Lion


Remy the Rainbow Lion at MCIC UNSW - web

I painted Remy the Rainbow Lion on the window of the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at the University of New South Wales for their Climate Change Festival.

The story of Remy

Remy the Rainbow Lion was the most magical lion that ever lived. He was heaps bigger than a regular lion, like at least 4.5 times larger in diameter.

Whenever there was a big storm in the area where he lived he would run up the mountain like a crazed mountain goat and when the clouds would pass by the Cliff of Wonders he would leap off and land on the clouds and go for a magical ride as if he was Aladdin on his magic carpet.

After going for a bit of a ride he would sometimes get so excited that he would do a roar of glee and out would pop a magic lion rainbow the likes of which the savannah has never seen before.

Sometimes when there was more than one rainbow in the sky at the same time that was because his brother Barry was also going for a ride on the clouds and also getting a bit excited.

The End

Newtown Art Seat

For the month of July 2015 I displayed 3 bearded dude heads in the Newtown Art Seat. I called the artwork “Beards, beards, beards”.

There was a poem that accompanied the 3 bearded dude heads, it went like this.

An Ode to Beards, Beards, Beards

Beards are nice and useful too
They are great to house your spanners or flamingo crew

The End

MULGA- ART SEAT 2015-web

Mulga at Newtown Art Seat 2015-web

Mulga and Spanner beard Samson at Newtown Art Seat -web

repost of newtown art seat 2015

Sweet Mulga Clocks

We just received a sweet delivery of Mulga clocks and they will make all your time telling times super tops!

Grab one from my online shop in the next week or at Double Bay Festival this Sunday (2 Nov 2014) and you will get a free matching Mulga print. Woo!

3 clocks in space- web

pineapple single clock- web

leroy single clock- web

elephant single clock- web


Phoenix Organic Drinks

I was invited to design a limited edition artist label for Phoenix Drinks Organic Cola.

As part of their Love Project, Phoenix have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines and Tangaroa Blue to help clean up and protect our beautiful beaches and coastal walkways.

In Australia and New Zealand look out for one in your local cafe.
featherbeard felix-webphoenix mulga and phoenix drink1


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