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June 17, 2017 at 08:43AM

It’s Mulga the Gorilla, a self portrait I painted for the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award.

You can check him out and the video of me painting the work (filmed by @robbirchallmedia) at @hazelhurstgallery until 16 July.
Please also give me a vote in the peoples choice award, that would be much appreciated ?

An Ode to Mulga the Gorilla
Mulga was a gorilla the colour of aqua blue
He painted at day and at night he ate mung bean stew
He enjoyed a bread roll with his nightly stew
Lightly toasted with lots of butter oozing like goo
He cultivated his beard like a garden so green
T’was a magnificent thing with a glisten and gleam
Some said it was magical others said it was gross
But no-one denied it was hairier than most
But the truth of the matter is that it was a special beard
It had magical arty abilities, I know it sounds weird
Once he fell asleep while making a sketch
And when he awoke his beard had painted the rest
From that day on that’s how he made all of his art
The beard would finish the piece of which he would start
The End

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June 16, 2017 at 03:06PM

It’s the 2nd last day to check out @vividsydney. A bunch of artists and myself painted with invisible glow paints in a magical tunnel for the @fredhollows Gift of Sight installation.

It’s pretty groovy, you can check it out in Darling Harbour close to the playground.

#vividsydney2017 #vividsydney #vivid #fredhollows #mulgatheartist

June 15, 2017 at 09:45PM

Pearly grabbing a well earned Slurpee after her athletics carnival
?????☁️???? @slurpeeaus
#slurpeeaus #slurpee #mulgatheartist

June 13, 2017 at 06:13PM

Radical Ralph knows how to have a good time. Painted a few years ago at Kings Cross Hotel one night. ????? #mulgatheartist

June 12, 2017 at 11:55AM

Remembering fun times at @greenroomfestival ?: @riorioo1022
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June 10, 2017 at 01:08PM

Have a nice day like this boss ??? ?:@powerpouchgirls #mulga #mulgatheartist #flamingo #art #graffiti #fivedock #sydney #artofinstagram #etsy #tiedye #streetwear #instadaily #tophat #graffart

June 07, 2017 at 11:45AM

Remembering sunnier Sydney days with Eduardo Gelato the Third.
The story of Eduardo Gelato the Third

His cuz is Sorbet Pete and he likes icecreams nearly as much as Pete, maybe even more. He thinks about eating icecream all the time and as a result the ice cream part of his brain is super muscular and he even developed the power to control any kind of icecream with his mind. It is know as The Ice Cream Force and it is even in the Star Wars movie in the bar scene with that really cool music and where that weird dude is playing the flute and Chewy mind controls some ice cream off another table when no one was looking. If you don’t believe me go back and watch it, it’s there, it really is.

The End

#mulgatheartist #icecream #gorilla

June 04, 2017 at 08:25PM

Eden the Elephant gets more magical with each colour added ??! My magical colouring book is available from my website while stocks last ? ?:@californiality

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June 02, 2017 at 09:03AM

An Ode to Captain Fumio Flamingo

Captain Fumio Flamingo was a fine old fellow
Whenever he’d spy a flamingo his mood would go all mellow

He devised a plan to keep the good times rolling
It involved getting those flamingo’s into his beard a strolling

In his beard he stuffed heaps of a flamingo’s favourite snack
Gummi worms and in his beard those flamingo’s practically stacked

Now when the seas are deadly and his mood gets low
Captain Fumio need just stroke his beard to get the good time flow

The End

#mulgatheartist #flamingo #greenroomfestival #mulgatheartistjapan #beards

June 01, 2017 at 02:51PM

The bearded bros Takeshi and Hajime and me (and Louis) ??
They’ll be hanging at @nikoandtokyo for a few weeks.

#mulgatheartist #mulgatheartistjapan #nikoandtokyo

May 31, 2017 at 07:01PM

Awesome to make some art for the @fredhollows installation at @vividsydney this year.

A whole bunch of us painted with invisible paints ?on the the innards of a converted shipping container ?and when you go in to it it’s as dark as the ace of spades but them you shine your UV torch ?on the walls and the art magically appears. It’s pretty sweet just like what the Fed Hollows Foundation does when it restores a persons sight ?

#vivid #vividsydney2017 #vividsydney #mulgatheartist

May 31, 2017 at 10:58AM

Introducing Tiger Hat Takeshi ?? I painted him at @nikoandtokyo and he is the brother of lion Hat Hajime. He’ll be chilling at @nikoandtokyo for a few weeks along with some sweet merch.

An Ode to Tiger Hat Takeshi

The brother of Lion Hat Hajime was Takeshi the guy
His adventures were as big as the big blue sky

To the mount of Everest he once captained a hot air balloon
And did a jig on the summit with a Himalayan snow baboon

When he landed in the wild jungles of India land
They met Tony the Tiger playing in his jungle band

Because Takeshi was a master of playing the flute
He hopped up for a jam and it really was a hoot

Takeshi and Tony became the very best of buds
They played heaps of gigs and none of them were duds

So in closing  this lil story this is what I’d like to say
Learn yourself an instrument and good friends you’ll meet this way

The End

May 29, 2017 at 10:21AM

Sneak peak of the painting I painted yesterday at @nikoandtokyo. The paintings and other merch will be at the store for the next few weeks. Big thanks to @nikoandtokyo for being a radical host ?? #mulgatheartist #mulgatheartistjapan

May 27, 2017 at 11:19PM

Introducing Lion Hat Hajime, I painted him at @nikoandtokyo today.

Tomorrow I will be back from 1 to 7pm painting something new, please come and join me for good times and a paint if it is convenient for you ????? An Ode to Lion Hat Hajime
The greatest of beards had this dude that I know
He lived life fast and never slow mo

He travelled the world many times in his life
Many adventures he did have and even some strife

He only had 8 fingers cause a gater got 2
And 9 toes cause a lion nibbled his shoe

With his 2 bare hands he fought that lion
Recovered his foot digit before it was dying

Got it sown back on but it just didn’t stay 
So he got it taxidermied and it really looked great

Sometime later at the watering hole, he met that lion again
They ended up chatting and becoming good friends

They went on many adventures all over the place
Even talked about building a rocket to space

That’s the end of this story I hope you had fun
Remember why walk if instead you can run

The End

#nikoandtokyo #mulgatheartist #mulgatheartistjapan