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Party Duck

It’s Party Duck! I was commissioned to paint him for the upcoming Wollongong Uni Garden Party.
An Ode to Party Duck
There was a duck and he was a grumpy dude
Some people called him evil duck others called him rudeHe ruled the Wollongong Uni lawn with an iron feather
His methods were extremely brutal but also kind of clever

He terrorised all the students and teachers alike
If he saw you with a sandwich he’d chase you off and then take a bite

Swimming in the duck pond one day he ran out of luck
He was ambushed by the Death Feather gang and stabbed by another duck

That day he may have died a violent death but his duck spirit lives on
No longer an evil one but one that’s full of fun

So raise your glass and give a cheer for party duck is here
For good times and fun shall be had whenever he is near

The End

Remy the Rainbow Lion


Remy the Rainbow Lion at MCIC UNSW - web

I painted Remy the Rainbow Lion on the window of the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at the University of New South Wales for their Climate Change Festival.

The story of Remy

Remy the Rainbow Lion was the most magical lion that ever lived. He was heaps bigger than a regular lion, like at least 4.5 times larger in diameter.

Whenever there was a big storm in the area where he lived he would run up the mountain like a crazed mountain goat and when the clouds would pass by the Cliff of Wonders he would leap off and land on the clouds and go for a magical ride as if he was Aladdin on his magic carpet.

After going for a bit of a ride he would sometimes get so excited that he would do a roar of glee and out would pop a magic lion rainbow the likes of which the savannah has never seen before.

Sometimes when there was more than one rainbow in the sky at the same time that was because his brother Barry was also going for a ride on the clouds and also getting a bit excited.

The End

Chilli Charles the Chilli

Chilli Charles the chilli

This is Chilli Charles, he is a magical chilli and also the hottest chilli in the “Chilli Shack” (some say the world) and his life long dream is to be eaten and to chilli burn the mouth of the individual that eats him.

This is the dream of every chilli but none more so than Charles who has for wished for this ever since he was a tiny little baby chilli.

Growing up he pumped iron every day increasing his hotness to such a level that even the toughest chilli eaters fear Charles’s heat.

The whole chilli community knows that once Charles is eaten something magical will happen but no one knows exactly what will happen.

The End.

Council of Flamingos Mural

In April I painted the Council of Flamingo’s on the walls of La Piadina in Bondi as part of a monthly street art program curated by Activated Walls.

The Story behind the Council of Flamingo’s

The Council of Flamingos are comprised of 13 flamingo’s and they are the ruling body of all flamingos worldwide.

When they meet the synergy that results is rated 4 out of 5 stars and produced great ideas like those sweet flamingo sculptures that are in peoples front yards.

They also thought of the idea for every flamingo to be coloured bright pink because before they were black in colour and no one liked them and now that they are pink heaps of people love them and they are rated in the top 5 of all time popular birds.

There is one flamingo on the council who is an associate and he is the one who doesn’t have a top hat.

To become a fully fledged member he needs to pass a series of rigorous tests one of which is completing a super hard soduku puzzle.

The End.

council of flamingos web

council of flamingos 3 web

council of flamingos 4 web

council of flamingos 5 web


progress2 web

council of flamingos 2 web

Rod the Rad Koala

Rod the Rad Koala painting by Mulga the Artist - web

An Ode to Rod the Rad Koala

A radical dude is the koala called Rod
He cruises about town in his vintage hot rod

He works in the factory that makes eucalyptus drops
And in his lunch break he eats three paddle pops

On his days off he heads down with his crew
To the beach to get tubes and a meat pie or two

When the waves are flat he plays volleyball on the beach
And for a koala he’s got quite exceptional reach

The End

Phoenix Organic Drinks

I was invited to design a limited edition artist label for Phoenix Drinks Organic Cola.

As part of their Love Project, Phoenix have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines and Tangaroa Blue to help clean up and protect our beautiful beaches and coastal walkways.

In Australia and New Zealand look out for one in your local cafe.
featherbeard felix-webphoenix mulga and phoenix drink1


10574245_917546071595364_93175337581125566_n (1)

Mia the Magical Unicorn

Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web
Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web1 Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web2Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web3

In the Christmas holidays I had the good fortune to be invited to paint live at Mambo’s pop up shop in Circular Quay.

Mum and dad came along and helped me paint Mia the Magical Unicorn. She derives her magical powers from eating magical ice creams.

Trait was painting alongside me and he painted a magical kookaburra.

It was great times and everybody did a great job.

Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel

 © Mulga 2014, Tom the Turtle and Dana the Weasel, Acrylic on Mounted Plywood, 40 x 60 cm

© Mulga 2014, Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel, Acrylic on Mounted Plywood, 40 x 60 cm

I was commissioned to paint a turtle and a weasel for a birthday present for Tom. This is what I painted.

An Ode to Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel

A turtle and a weasel that’s what I saw
Running from the club through the back door

What mischief they made I do not know
But the fellas chasing them were ready to go

Tom the turtle was a music dude
Gigging every night and playing for his food

A weasel called Dana was his manager chick
She called the shots and was very slick

While Tom was jamming Dana was always hustling
She would sniff out a card game and muscle her way in

Her methods were suss but she always won
And more often than not they’d leave on the run

A regular Bonnie and Clyde is what they were
And an interesting couple they made, him and her

The End

Gino the Majestic Tiger

Gino the Tiger by Mulga the Artist

© Mulga 2014, Gino the Majestic Tiger, Acrylic on Paper, 42 x 55 cm

I was commissioned to paint a tiger for Gino’s 30th birthday. This is what I made.

An Ode to Gino the Majestic Tiger

There was this tiger called Gino and he was magic indeed
He had a diamond on his head if it’s more proof you need

From a very young age he liked making pasta
He learnt off Papa tiger the pasta making master

When he got older, deep in the jungle he began
Building a ristorante with his own two hands

He built it up high in a big jungle tree
And the view was special and all of Haberfield you could see

He thought long and hard and named it ‘Pappardelle’
Which is a broad, flat noodle and is pretty darn swell

To wrap this ode up and what I would like to say
Is happy 30th Gino and have a lovely day

The End

Otis the Owl

otis the owl by mulga the artist -web

© Mulga 2014, Otis the Owl, Acrylic on Canvas, 2.2 x 1.7 m

At the time of writing this artwork is for sale at Platform72 in Central Park Mall on Broadway in Sydney.

An Ode to Otis the Owl

He was the smoothest owl on the whole darn team
And he made every shot with no effort it would seem

And after he made a shot a little dance he would do
And the kicks on his feet would come alive like a zoo

B-ball was his game and he was quite good at it
But being a smooth owl is how he got all his credit

After the game all the chicky owls would come by
Get his autograph and then fly away into the sky

And the sunnies on his head made his presence electric
And wearing them increased his skills from super to hectic

The End

Joshua the Jolly Elephant

joshua the jolly elephant-slide

This is Joshua the Jolly Elephant. I was commissioned to paint him by a dude called Joshua.

An Ode to Joshua the Jolly Elephant

Joshua the Jolly Elephant sure knows how to have fun
From the early morning to the setting of the sun

He’s always playing games and singing a song
If you’re in his presence you’ll be smiling before long

He is the CEO of the Fun Time Crew
A gang of animals where having fun ain’t nothing new

Every quarter they organise the fun time games
All the animals join in, even the ones with manes

They have running races and tunnel ball
Bobbing for apples and so much more

They have the best darn fun in the land
And as we know having fun is oh so grand

The End

FBi Radio 10th Birthday Painting

I painted a big gorilla wearing headphones at FBi radio’s 10th birthday party on 8 October 2013.

It was a splendid occasion and I enjoyed the experience immensely. There was good bands playing and all the people in the crowd had lovely outfits on. I enjoyed listening to Sarah Blasko and doing a jig when the Presets played. Midnight Juggernauts were also great.

These photos are a record of the day, you can see I am smiling in some of the photos and that proves that I was enjoying myself.

Mulga painting at FBi Radio 10th birthday party

mulga the artist painting at fbi 1

mulga the artist painting at fbi 2

mulga the artist painting at fbi 4 

mulga the artist painting at fbi 3

King Bling Bruce

© Mulga 2013, King Bling Bruce, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

© Mulga 2013, King Bling Bruce, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

Get yourself a print of this bad boy from only $20 from my online shop.

An Ode to King Bling Bruce

They call him the crazy banana king
And old king Bruce sure loves the bling

He trades bananas for diamonds and jewels
Because in his mind it’s the bling that rules

His mindless pursuit of all that shines
Is leading towards some pretty hard times

For there will come a day for old king Bruce
When his jig is up and he’s cooked his goose

There’ll be no bananas left, only bling on his turf
And in the end, bling is of little worth

The End

Harley the Hipster

© Mulga 2013, Harley the Hipster, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

© Mulga 2013, Harley the Hipster, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

Get yourself a print of this bad boy from only $20 from my online shop.

An Ode to Harley the Hipster Gorilla

Triangles and symbols
And things unknown
Gorillas as hipsters
Are starting to grow

In the inner city
Is where Harley resides
A city of secrets
And ever watching eyes

He is a learned monkey
With a degree or two
His pants the skinniest
In all of the zoo

He plays the guitar
In an electro folk band
At dingy clubs
In far away lands

What will become of
Our smooth monkey friend
With angles and thoughts
And lines that don’t bend

The End

Punky Bruiser

© Mulga 2013, Punky Bruiser, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

© Mulga 2013, Punky Bruiser, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

Get yourself a print of this bad boy from only $20 from my online shop.

An Ode to Punky Bruiser

Raised in the hood by a gangster mum
Punky Bruiser grew up to be his mother’s son

When a drive by shooting claimed his mumma’s life
Each of the perps soon met his switchblade knife

He took control of the Blood Ape Gang
The territory of which grew under his reign

He controlled half the city and its streets
Ruled over by him and his gangs of ape beasts

He soon owned all of the banana plantations
Enough yellow goodness to feed seven nations

The End

Captain Gorilla

© Mulga 2013, Captain Gorilla, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

© Mulga 2013, Captain Gorilla, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 xm

Get yourself a print of Captain Gorilla from only $20 from my online shop.

An Ode to Captain Gorilla

Captain Gorilla had a banana shaped boat
It looked pretty weird but it really did float

Around the world he set off to sail
In this adventure he was determined to not fail

The voyage took him six years to complete
He would stop to work for money for food to eat

He visited islands so tropical and remote
Inhabited only by hogs and goat

He sailed through storms with one hundred foot waves
Smaller storms have sent me to their graves

His skill at sailing and banana boat so strong
Ensured his circumnavigation would be complete before long

You have just heard the story of a captain ape
His favourite foods are banana and grape

The End

Spout Trunk Sammy

Spout Trunk Sammy by Mulga the Artist

© Mulga 2013, Spout Trunk Sammy, Posca and Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

This is Spout Trunk Sammy, he is currently residing at M2 Gallery as part of the Art in Motion exhibition open this weekend.

An Ode to Spout Trunk Sammy

His trunk is powerful and when used right
He always wins any water fight

His skin has a weird orange hue
From eating many carrots, his favourite food

He’s the only Pachyderm in the herd
To sport a beard and not look absurd

Because of this he is the leader
The alpha male, the big chief breeder

The key points that we can take from this
Is that growing a beard is not amiss

Everyone will know that you are a man
And not a woman who is called Sam

The End

Flame Head Fred

© Mulga 2013, Flame Head Fred, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

© Mulga 2013, Flame Head Fred, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm


This painting is currently available to purchase at Platform 72 (the original has  a white background).

You can buy a print of it here.

An Ode to Flame Head Fred

Flame Head Fred walks around
With a fire on his head above his frown

Why is it there? no one really knows
One things for sure it scares his foes

It’s size increases when his thoughts grow wild
This occurs quite often as this ape’s not mild

Known for breakdancing of which he is skilled
When he dances in the club all the girls are thrilled

Now you know all about Flame Head Fred
This is his story and that’s what I said

The End

Featherbone the Brave

© Mulga 2013, Featherbone the Brave, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

© Mulga 2013, Featherbone the Brave, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

This painting is currently available to purchase at Platform 72.

You can buy a print of it here.

An Ode to Featherbone the Brave

Born in the mountains was Featherbone the Brave
He was stolen by poachers when very young in age

Taken from his home and sold to a zoo
All this calamity turned him a purply hue

When he reached adolescence he decided to escape
So he busted outta his cage while wearing a cape

He travelled the land far and wide
And settled with a native American Indian tribe

He rode a horse and slept in a cave
No longer known as Bob but Featherbone the Brave

The End

Anton the Aztec Goat

© Mulga 2013, Anton the Aztec Goat, Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

© Mulga 2013, Anton the Aztec Goat, Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm


An Ode to Anton the Aztec Goat

A goat called Anton rowed his boat
Every day around the castle in the moat

And in that boat he wore a coat
And its patterns were great, he was known to gloat

“In the Incas I obtained my patterned coat”
In his daily journal is what he wrote

The coat was payment made in full
For head-butting one rampaging bull

He butted the bull and it ran away
And he saved all the village folk on that day

But that was a long time in the past
And now he can’t even run that fast

His time is now spent as a goat in a boat
Paddling in a moat while wearing a coat

It might seem silly but it floats his boat
That Anton the Goat who’s known to gloat

The End