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Yo what up! I’ve got a couple of originals out at the @sydney_royal_easter_show and online🤙🏼Pretty snazzy.

#mulgatheartist #myeastershow #yowhatup

Knife Beard Nathan is one of the best beards in the game. He comes on sweet tees for dudes. Get one online or from my stall in the Fashion and Style Pavilion at the @sydney_royal_easter_show.
An Ode to Knifebeard Nathan

Knifebeard Nathan is a fisherman dude
And his choice of dish is fresh salty seafood

He runs a fleet of boats called Nathan’s Navy
In the Sothern Ocean where it’s often wavy

He’s always prepared and that’s exactly why
He keeps his knife in his beard and his whiskers dry

Should trouble arise like a beast from the dark
His blade is ready like a tooth from a shark

With a cut cut here and a slice slice there
His dagger is handy when lodged in his hair

The End

#mulgatheartist #myeastershow #beards #beardart

Who’s coming to the Easter show!? 🤙🏼😛 #mulgatheartist #myeastershow
I named Eden the Elephant after my little bro @edenface. I remember drawing Eden on my lunch break back when I was working in my financial planning job. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Eden has been super popular and he is available on heaps of sweet products at my stall in the Fashion and Style Pavillion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show or from my online shop.

An Ode to Eden the Enigmatic Elephant

A mystery to one and all
A colourful massive beast
His wonder and his splendour
Spreads from the west to the east

Creator of the rainbow
Colours shot from his trunk
A magical conundrum
More pleasant then a skunk

And where there’s rain, and where there’s sun
You’ll find this jolly beast
Having his lion’s share of fun
At his giant moveable feast

And at the end of a long days work
He’ll leave a pot of gold
Payment for the Leprechauns
As it has been foretold

The End

#mulgatheartist #elephant #myeastershow

Now on dudes tanks, tees and sweaters from my stall at the Easter show or from my online shop while stocks last.
#mulgatheartist #myeastershow
Dolphin Pete is pretty sweet and now you can enjoy him on some sweet gear like beach bags and tote bags and socks. If you’re at the Easter show you can check them out. My stall is in the Fashion and Style Pavillion near the food dome.

An Ode to Dolphin Pete

Dolphins are nice, dolphins are neat
This guy is even called Dolphin Pete

He chases the summer all year round
Surfing summer waves with a leap and a bound

He competes in all the surf comps and always wins
Probably because he really knows how to wiggle his fins

He is also a world champion hula hooper
And has a brother called Maxwell and another called Cooper

The End

#mulgatheartist #myeastershow #dolphin

The Jurassic coaster was going off at the Easter show yesterday! 🤘🏽 Frankie was loving it but Pearl looked a little bored.
#mulgatheartist #myeastershow
Excited to show you the latest design in my limited edition fridge magnet series, Mountain Head Marv. Get one free from my stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show or when you order something online.

An Ode to Mountain Head Marv

Marv wasn’t born in the mountains but he loved them so
Whenever he had some time off that’s where he’d go

He’d take his family and in a mountain cabin they’d stay
He loved the serenity and the crisp air of the day

He’d indulge in his pastime of fly fishing in the creeks
But fish are elusive especially the fish that he seeks

One time in the Himalayas he nearly caught a Golden Mahseer
If he landed that mystical fish he would have given a great cheer

He would have done a jig and then hugged a tree
Maybe some other silly things cause he was filled with glee

But he didnt catch that fish but he saw another magical sight
In the summer mountain air he watched the sun setting for the night

It was the best he had seen and one he’d never forget
Especially cause his Golden Mahseer leaped from the water in silhouette

The End

#mulgatheartist #myeastershow

Rod the Rad Koala is a pretty rad koala and he enjoys the occasional paddle pop or five but more about that later. Rod features on new season Mulga clothing now available at my stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show or online. Get amongst it!
An Ode to Rod the Rad Koala
A radical dude is the koala called Rod
He cruises about town in his vintage hot rod
He works in the factory that makes eucalyptus drops
And in his lunch break he eats three paddle pops
On his days off he heads down with his crew
To the beach to get tubes and a meat pie or two
When the waves are flat he plays volleyball on the beach
And for a koala he’s got quite exceptional reach
The End

#mulgatheartist #myeastershow

We are ready to rock for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It opens tomorrow and goes for two weeks, should be good times! I’m looking forward to seeing a huge cow.
Happy Wednesday! Today I’ll be setting up my stall for the Sydney Royal Easter Show which starts on Thursday but before I do I wanted to show you Banana Bob.

If you like him heaps the original framed painting of him is available on my website. Be quick as there will only ever be 1 original painting of Banana Bob.🍌🌴. The Story of Banana Bob

Banana Bob is the head fitness coach on Banana island and he makes sure all the bananas are in peak physical form prior to harvest time so that they are delicious for the humans to eat or make a smoothie with or make banana bread or banana cake or banana muffins….mmmm delicious.

The End

I painted Gianopoulis on a surfboard at the launch of @headshedaus last year. Because I liked him so much I put him on some sweet tees. Limited stock now available online or at my stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show which opens on Thursday.
The story of Gianopoulis Skull Beard

Ever since he was a young boy Gianopoulis wanted to be a barber. He looked up to the bearded barbers in his village with their curly moustaches and dexterous scissor fingers. They were the most respected members in the community even more so than the doctor or Uber driver. They alone had the power over which dudes in the village had the sweetest haircut or who had the most perfectly groomed beard. If you got in their bad books you had no choice but to move far away and never return because you’d never get a decent cut again. That’s just the way it was. Anyhow, when Gianopoulis grew up he grew to be big and strong and he left his village to travel the world and learn the art of barbering in many foreign lands. After many glorious years he returned to his home village and took over the only barber shop in town when the other barbers retired. He was super skilled (some even said magical but more on that later) and people would come from far and wide just to see him cut hair and not even to get a cut themselves because he was booked out 18 months in advance. The End.

#mulgatheartist #headshed #beard #barber #skull #beardedskull

Since this photo was taken the wall in my studio has been taken over by more of Frankie’s fruit characters 🍌
📷 @kenichi_oshima
Loving this sweet Chief Great beard quad tattoo on @ryanchesterr

An Ode to Chief Great Beard

There was this dude and he was the chief
Before he was the boss his name was Keith

He used to be just a regular guy in the tribe
That was before growing a beard he did decide

First his beard was ok then it was good then it was great
That was the point at which he took control of his fate

He became all that he was meant to be
He was a man destined to be wild and free

He rode around the place on a huge buffalo called Bill
And his hunting skills were so superb he always ate his fill

One time when he was in mortal combat with a rival tribe
His beard stopped some arrows from which he would surely have died

He left them in there as a reminder to one and all
That a beard can be the difference between life or your downfall

The End


Slurpee time!
Working on a new bearded artwork for @surfrideraus whilst my new Japanese friends do some video documenting.
@mulgatheartistjapan #mulgatheartist
Regram from @mrseanfinlay – A bit of local #bondibeach #streetart down #bondi #mulgatheartist
Looking for a shooting star! 🌌🎶😘
Starry detail section from the mural I made of @theweeknd earlier this year.
Sunny day painting and filming with the @mulgatheartistjapan crew. If you’re around Wetherill Park this wall’s at @homemakergreenway. My largest wall handpainted thus far. Wooooooo!
Sweet colours by @taubmans 🐒🐒🐒🎨🎨🎨 #mulgatheartist
The pink dolphins are taking over 🐬🐬🐬
@smoothstar @mulgatheartistjapan @posca_aus #mulgatheartist

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