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February 18, 2019 at 06:34PM

I’ve done a bunch of drawings for crazy dude @JimmyHalfCut and his charity – over the last couple of years and some of those drawings have been helping to save rainforests via t-shirt sales. It’s sad that 50% of the worlds forests are gone but some of the art I’ve done for Jimmy has helped plant 1,600 trees in the Daintree and helped protect around 705 acres of rainforest for life. Whoo!

Check out if Jimmy was able to get me HalfCut, the full interview can be found in his bio.

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February 06, 2019 at 08:33AM

Happy Lunar New Year!
🐽🎈🎊🐽🎈🎊 The original painting of Pojo the Pig is available from my Internet shop, link in my profile.

The story of Pojo the Pig

Once there was this pig called Joe the Pig and when he was six years old he discovered a pogo stick under his house. It was his dad’s old pogo stick and it had been under the house ever since the day his dad had broken both his ankles attempting to pogo jump off the garage roof onto the trampoline. After Joe found the pogo stick he started pogoing around on it and it turned out he had a bit of a talent for it and he loved it so much that he pretty much pogo’d everywhere that he went. His friends started calling him Pojo and he started to compete in competitions and get pretty good scores. Then when he was thirteen he discovered skateboarding and he liked it more than pogoing so he stopped pogoing and just did skateboarding instead.
The End

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January 22, 2019 at 10:57AM

A mural of Timmy, Logan and Karl I painted at @sjb_high with the students and @thewallstation last year. 🎵 By @jj.peters

The story of Timmy the Tiger, Logan the Lion and Karl the Koala (the 3 creative bros)

Within the animal kingdom they were known for being 3 of the most creative animals going around. As they grew up they individually each become very successful in their chosen fields.

Timmy achieved noterity and success for his wildly popular YouTube guitar tutorial videos and also for creating guitar solos for many of the world’s most popular songs like “The cheese is coming”. Logan the Lion achieved mad success with his sweet painting skills and his performance art where he would paint and dance at the same time. He did heaps of corporate events.

Then there was Karl the Koala, he took the local theatre scene by storm with his evocative monologues that often would result in his audiences being moved to tears.

Anyhow, the story gets interesting when they all met perchance at the infamous “Kramers Karaoke Bar” late one Tuesday night. They hit it off and decided to join forces and create an act with guitar riffing, painting and lengthy monologues all happening in perfect synchronosity. It was mildly successful and they toured the act for about 6 months within the Riverina region before they started fighting over the direction of the act and decided to amicably part ways.

The End

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January 03, 2019 at 10:17AM

Buff mutant carrot and friends from the wrapping paper I designed for the ING Dreamstarter project. Available for purchase from @wordswithheart.

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December 20, 2018 at 08:49PM

Snazzy times making some digital Giraffe art 😎🦒. The story of Jenny the Giraffe

In the whole of her tower (the collective noun for giraffes) Jenny was the most stylish and all the lady giraffes got fashion tips off her. She was so sought after for her excellent fashion advice she incorporated a biz called Jenny’s Fashion Tips Pty Ltd. Her biz went gangbusters and she hired 13 staff members. Then she decided to franchise her biz and Jenny’s Fashion Tips franchise biz’s opened up in heaps of towns and everyone was looking super snazzy. Then she was named giraffe business woman of the year and got a sweet trophy. She was proud as punch.
The End

I used Clip Studio Paint on the @LenovoANZ #Yoga530 to create Jenny.
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December 11, 2018 at 08:00AM

A mural I painted for @touchedbyolivia at Livvi’s Place in Wagga Wagga earlier this year. Featuring crew from Wagga Wagga High. 🎵@jj.peters

Here’s the story of Bailey the Bull from the painting, to read the stories of the other characters scroll back through my posts.
When Bailey was just a young calf one of his young human overlords kicked a stray footy ball and it bopped him on the head. It didn’t hurt him cause his head was as tough as a piece of concrete or so I assume it was. Bailey then picked up the footy and dropkicked it perfectly back to his young human overlords. They were amazed and asked him if he would join their footy team. He said yes and as you can imagine there was quite a bit of outrage from the other teams like in that movie about the snail that wanted to join in that car race and like that movie Bailey was allowed to play and he was pretty much untackleable and his team easily won every game. After that season the governing body of the competition made a rule forbidding cattle from playing in the human football competition so Bailey started a cattle footy competition called the Cattle Footy League, or CFL for short and heaps of cattle joined in and had a grand old time playing footy against each other.
The End

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November 29, 2018 at 07:57AM

Some details from the Christmas wrapping paper I designed for the ING Dreamstarter project. Available for purchase from @wordswithheart.

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November 06, 2018 at 09:27AM

Bruno the Bowling Alicorn at @strikebowling @strike.qv.

As it’s Melbourne Cup day I thought you would be interested to know that after the Melbourne cup is over all the horses go ten pin bowling because it’s their favourite thing to do after eating peanut butter. True story.
The story of Bruno the Bowling Alicorn

It’s a little known fact that alicorns are crazy for ten pin bowling. Back on their home planet of Alicornia ten pin bowling establishments outnumber any other kind of establishment ten to one. If you told a child alicorn that you were taking them to the most magical theme park in the galaxy they would cry and say “no we wanna go ten pin bowling instead, neigh! “. That’s how much alicorns love ten pin bowling. Anyhow I digress, the story goes that among the many millions of alicorns living on planet Alicornia one alicorn shone brighter than the rest. His name was Bruno and he was a magical handsome beast. He had a really good job manufacturing rainbows at Rob’s Rainbow Industries Incorporated but lost it due to his repeated tendancy to take longer than normal lunches spent playing ten pin bowling. Without a job and no way to make a living on planet Alicornia he grabbed his trusty bowling ball (who was called Barry the ball) and flew out into the galaxy to spread the love of ten pin bowling. He visited many planets and they all laughed him out of town, all except one called planet Earth. The humans on earth got it and also fell in love with the game and bowling alleys starting popping up all around the place. Bruno was super proud and also made heaps of money because he had hired a good patent lawyer and for every ball that was bowled he made a cut.
The End.

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November 05, 2018 at 09:49PM

Good times painting a @fallout 76 Power Armor Helmet 👍. If you’re in the big apple you can check it out at the Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue in New York until November 14 displayed alongside helmets designed by 39 artists from around the world.
The helmets will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to @habitatforhumanity. If you’d like to bid on it I’ve put a link to the auction site in my online shop in the originals section, the auction ends on Nov 14.

Cheers to @hypebeast, @xbox, @bethesda and @welcometofrankaus.
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October 25, 2018 at 02:52PM

The new colouring wall at Sydney Adventist School Auburn is now ready to rock 🖌️🎉🐙 #mulgatheartist #colouring #colouringwall

October 24, 2018 at 06:31PM

New entry way vibes at @upcycleaus. 🦄 🤙 🦄
Big thanks to @upcycleaus for having me along to paint and @pitstudent_arts and @mapleedesigns for the assistance. 🙏

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October 07, 2018 at 05:47PM

T’was just super painting a wall of one of my favourite foods at @mamaspolysoulfood a little while back. They have recently opened so get along to enjoy their donuts and other delish treats….mmm donuts 🤤🍩 #mulgatheartist #mamaspolysoulfood #donut #donutart #donutsarethebest #mmmdonuts

August 09, 2018 at 06:50AM

The Mulga pop up shop in Westfield Miranda. Open only for the month of August and located near Big W. We’ve got an online shop too, the links in my profile. Get amongst it! 🎵:Word To Your Mother – Mulga’s Room

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August 03, 2018 at 06:23PM

The Mulga shop has popped up for the whole month of August at Miranda Westfield.

It’s open everyday day so come and grab some sweet merch while it lasts. Located pretty near the Big W shop.

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June 29, 2018 at 09:16AM

An Ode to Callum the Cockie

There was a Cockie called Callum and he loved the beach
He’d go surfing everyday then eat an ice cream treat

He once went surfing for 700 days straight
He was as reliable as a clock or a paperweight

One time he went for a surf for all of the day
From early in the morn to the sun’s last ray

He got super peckish so after that sesh
He made an ice cream sandwich and it was the best

After a surf he’d work his surf school shift
Teaching those landlubbers surfing’s gift

He was the most popular dude in the water or sand
Cause he was super nice and would lend a hand

Eventually he got inducted into the surfing walk of fame 
For being one of surfing’s rad characters and not a pain

The End

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June 23, 2018 at 05:53PM

Had a ball flinging paint at @hyundaiaus HQ recently to celebrate FIFA World Cup time. Show how you are enjoying the football during the FIFA World Cup using #footballfling to win a Hyundai i30 SR

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May 14, 2018 at 10:41AM

Pablo the pineapple on a footy ball for @gofoundationau.
The story of Pablo the Pineapple

Pablo the pineapple was the most happiest pineapple in the Pineapple Isles.

Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you right now, it was because he was the only pineapple in the Pineapple Isles who could grow a BEARD.

There’s a few theories as to how his beard started to grow and why it continues to grow but the most accepted theory is that it started to grow when he rejected the long held belief that pineapples have to sit in their little shrub day after day waiting to get harvested and eventually turned into a pina colada.

When he was just knee high to a cricket he jumped off his shrub 🌱and went on sweet adventures. Some of his adventures were climbing Pineapple Mountain 🍍⛰, canoeing across the Pineapple Straights to visit Banana 🍌 Island, parachuting off a flamingo’s back, forming a rock band with other free spirited fruits (they were called Pablo and the Peanuts 🥜 even though no peanuts were in the band) and bungee jumping into the volcano 🌋 atop Pineapple Mountain 🍍⛰. With each adventure a beard hair would grow until he went on so many adventures that he had the most plump beard ever.
And that is the story of Pablo the Pineapple.

The End

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May 04, 2018 at 11:47AM

The story of the Three Jungle Birds

Once there was three birds and they were best friends.

They all went on a holiday together on a cruise boat and had a grand time going swimming and going on the waterslides and sunbaking and going to the all you can eat restaurants.

They sailed around the world and visited Madagascar where there was heaps good jungles and stuff and they played hide and seek but they were having so much fun that they forgot to go back to the ship in time for departure and so they lived in the colourful jungles of Madagascar forever playing hide and seek nearly every day.

The End


Sweet Video

Dolphin time!

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