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Sweet Video

These guys are still hanging in Cronulla Mall and I’ll be back tomorrow painting a mural in the new playground nearby.

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Sweet Video

That time I painted under the sea, I even sung a song about it.
🐬🦈🐙🦀🐟🐠 #undertheseaistheplacetobe #mulgatheartist #mulga #mural #muralart #graffiti #sydney #streetart #artist #coralreef

Sweet Video

That time I painted Mikey the Powerful Owlet. 🎵by @rio_rakoia

An Ode to Mikey the Powerful Owlet

Mikey is an owl who was born to a fam
They live in the trees on Byles Creek land

They like to hang out and have a good time
Hooting out songs and having a jive

When not jiving about and having a laugh
Mikey likes jamming out riffs on his acoustic guitar

He plays regular gigs to packed out crowds
The creatures of the land and even some hounds

Another thing about Mickey is that he is the most powerful owl
Stronger than a bull and even a fully grown cow

He once lifted a branch that was as thick as a log
After it fell off the tree onto a little green frog

For all the fun that Mickey doth got
He’s in very real danger of losing the lot

Some dudes want to destroy the trees of his birth
But this place is special cause his home springs from its earth

The End

#mulgatheartist #mikeythepowerfulowlet

Sweet Video

From my recent time at @macquarieuni. I’ll be back there this Wednesday painting for Harmony day, come along for a paint if you’re free.

An Ode to the Macquarie Crew

There was a bunch of characters that ruled the place
The Macquarie Uni crew with cheeky looks on their face

A penchant for coffee had the Duck called Dirk
He had ten cups a day and he wore no shirt

Benny the Bin Chicken always scored mad feeds
The bins on campus had the goods indeed

Carlos the Cockie loved the icecream pistachio
Two scoops piled high like a double decker moustachio

Then the character we’re all wondering about
Is Gordie the garden gnome who’s fully grouse

He moved to campus on Conception Day
And loved it so much he lives there to this day

He lives in the bushes always having a good time
Waving at peeps and speaking in rhyme

The End

#mulgatheartist #macquarieuniversity #macquarieuni #harmonyday

Sweet Video

Fun little animation by @super_redhead
So cool!🤙🐬🐨🌴 #mulgatheartist #animation

Sweet Video

The Fruit Bunch Gang at Northumberland St carpark, Liverpool.

#mulgatheartist #thefruitpunchganghavegreatmos

Sweet Video

Amazing vid of the lunar new year dragons coming alive by timelapse guru @matjoez. Make sure you watch with sound 🎶🔥
#crownlny #mulgatheartist #timelapse #dragon #streetart

Sweet Video

Sweet timelapse action of Scotty the Flamingo Madman getting painted up at @body_movement
#mulgatheartist #bodymovement

Sweet Video

Sweet to collab with Kinder on the launch of Scribble Safari and film this funky ad with the fam.

Check out the Kinder site for more vids and deets.

#mulgatheartist #mulgaxkinder

Sweet Video

Jumping into 2018 like a bearded porpoise in a pool 😉🐬 📹@samsungau

Sweet Video

Painting at the Burdekin Hotel last year courtesy of @redbullau.
Cheers @conka_conka for the vid 👊💪

Sweet Video

It’s been unreal but the time has come for my pop up shop in Westfield Miranda to pop down. EVERYTHING in store is discounted with 50% off all framed prints, canvas’s, Santa Sacks, clocks, necklaces and candles and 20% off everything else including ORIGINAL ARTWORKS 😰. Our last day is 29 Dec so get up there pronto as there is limited stock of everything. Wooooooo!

Sweet Video

Come with me on a journey through ⌚ and 🌌 at Westfield Miranda where you’ll find the magical Mulga pop up shop popping up like a burrito. Our last day open will be 29 December and after that we’ll pop down like a yo yo.

#mulgatheartist #mulgapopupshop

Sweet Video

Sweet little animation of Pearl the Pussy-cat by @yourlegmyleg

An Ode to Pearl the Pussycat

She was the fluffiest cat I have ever seen
And her soft soft fur had a shine and a gleam

She had the sweetest poncho in all of the place
Whilst wearing her poncho she always had a happy face

She was heaps good at running the best in her clowder
Her favourite dinner was carrots with a side of clam chowder

She was so fast at running she could catch the rainbow
She’d sprint up that thing with it’s colour and glow

When she’d reach the summit she’d stop for a chamomile tea
With her buddy the unicorns who were super friendly

Then they’d prance around in the clouds so fluffy and white
Pearl would pretend to be a pink cloud, she was quite a sight

Sometimes baby rainbow would come hang out with Pearl
They’d frolic under the sprinkler and jump and twirl

Those were the days and that was the thing
This is the end of this ode ring a ding ding

The End

#mulgatheartist #pearlthepussycat

Sweet Video

The full hairy crew at the Baby Bear Bar.

An Ode to the Baby Bear Crew

They were known in town
For having the best beards around

They were bushy and big
Like a mighty big fig

Rustle in the breeze their beards didn’t do
Cause they were thicker than the beards of me and you

They would hold weekly seminars at the club
On how to grow a beard bushy like a shrub

They had great results and the beards began to grow
Their town won first place at the annual beards town show

When the bearded peeps walked around town
They’d comment to each other “that’s a nice beard bro”

Community spirit was at an all time high
Beards bringing peeps together, brings a tear to the eye

The End

#mulgatheartist #beardaregreat #beardart

Sweet Video

New Hayden the Giraffe limited edition magnets now happening!

Grab yours for free from my pop up shop in Miranda Westfield (level 3, Target end next to Australian Geographic) or when you order from my online shop. Hayden’s also available on kids and babies tees and paper and canvas prints. Whoot!
The story of Hayden the Giraffe

Hayden the Giraffe is a funky fella. One of his favourite activities is to play soccer. His coach tells him that he needs to play left fullback but he can’t help but have a run up the field at every available opportunity, he just loves the thrill of the chase.

At pretty much every corner kick he scores a header and wins the match. He’s really good at headers because he is heaps tall and he can aim exactly where he wants the ball to go with his little bally nobs on his head.

The End


Sweet Video

Had a sweet day painting a big silo emu for @kellogsaus with the @edelmanau crew and
Back for some sunrise painting tomorrow ??

Sweet Video

Had a super splendid time painting in Melbourne for @samsungau this week.

It’ll only be up for a month so swing by and check it out if you’re around Melbourne Central.

Big thanks to my main man and @apparitionmedia for helping get it done, @taubmans for the paint and Samsung for supporting Aussie artists??? #mulgatheartist #theframetv

Sweet Video

Had a super splendid time painting in Melbourne for @samsungau this week.
Big thanks to my main man and @apparitionmedia for helping get it done, @taubmans for the paint and Samsung for supporting Aussie artists??? #mulgatheartist #theframetv

Sweet Video

The painting is progressing nicely at Melbourne Central with @samsungau