December 06, 2017 at 04:09PM

Say hello to Dougie Dolphin Beard! ?? The original Dougie painting and heaps of other original framed paintings are now available from my online shop (link in profile) or pop-up-shop in Westfield Miranda.

An Ode to Dougie Dolphin Beard

At the Sydney Opera House Dougie was the dude 
Who kept the spider webs away with his trusty broom

Clambering all over them sails he’d do every day
Shooing the spidies off and brushing the webs away

His hair transformed gradually over time
To resemble the very building he cleaned to a shine

But one fateful day as he buffed the big sail
His footing slipped and his harness did fail

He slipped all the way down to the ground
And landed on a jumping castle with a big bouncy sound

He was catapulted 50 metres into the drink
And collided with a dolphin called Little Pete

Into Dougies beard Little Pete was locked
Whenever they walked around most everyone was shocked

They stayed that way for 15 whole years 
Held together by the strength and magic of Dougies beard

The End
#mulgatheartist #dougiedolphinbeard