December 09, 2018 at 09:45AM

I painted Andrew the Alicorn at a huge charity gala dinner hosted by @unltdaus, it was a great night. Cheers @mktg_aus for the invitation and @1tchy for the sweet photo.

The story of Andrew the Alicorn

Once when Andrew was on holidays with his family up the coast they stopped at a petrol station to get some fuel and snacks and they forgot about Andrew who was out in the back field going to the toilet. They left him behind and just drove away. Up to that point he had never flown as his wings were still developing but when he was running real fast to catch up with his fam he just started to fly and he caught up with them and beat them to the holiday house that they were going to be staying at. He claimed the best room in the whole house because he got there first and his bros and sisters were heaps jealous. The End.

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