December 12, 2018 at 11:14PM

Painted the Flaming Flamingos Bros at Avalon’s newest and best restaurant @sunset_diner_avalon. Head to the opening party night this Friday at 5pm to see the bros and eat and drink some delish food and bevs.

The story of the Flaming Flamingo Bros

There was these two flamingo’s and they were identical twins, they were super handsome and all the ladies swooned when they chatted to them or gave them a wink and thumbs up. They travelled all around the world being international flamingo men of mystery until they got to Avalon and they loved the vibe of the town so much that they stayed and never left. They would go surfing during the daytime and when the sun was setting they’d be at the beach playing that game like tennis but a bit different where there is paddles and a ball and you hit the ball to each other using the paddles. What’s that called? Anyhoo they loved the sunset and they were magical, handsome, surfing, paddle balling flamingo bros and they were the toast of the town. The End

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