December 27, 2017 at 09:40AM

Gino the Majestic Tiger and a bunch of other sweet animal prints on stretched canvas are 50% off for the next couple of days as part of my closing down sale at Westfield Miranda. Everything up there is on sale even original artworks, last day 29 December.

An Ode to Gino the Majestic Tiger

There was this tiger called Gino and he was magic indeed
He had a diamond on his head if it’s more proof you need

From a very young age he liked making pasta
He learnt off Papa tiger the pasta making master

When he got older, deep in the jungle he began
Building a ristorante with his own two hands

He built it up high in a big jungle tree
And the view was special and all of Haberfield you could see

He thought long and hard and named it ‘Pappardelle’
Which is a broad, flat noodle and is pretty darn swell

To wrap this ode up and what I would like to say
Is happy 30th Gino and have a lovely day

The End
#mulgatheartist #ginothemajestictiger