February 02, 2018 at 10:35PM

I much enjoyed bringing the tropical beardy vibes to @body_movement_ today. Have a read of the poem I wrote, it’s a doozy.
An Ode to Scotty the Flamingo Madmen

His name is Scotty and flamingo’s are his crew
Three to be precise, one more than two

But they drive him crazy, hence the madmen tag
Always pooping in his beard instead of the poopy bag

When they’re not pooping they pump the iron
So now they’re super strong just like a lion

They attend the annual animal jungle games
And compete against the aforementioned ones with manes

A flamingo against a lion, it is unheard!
But these guys are stronger than a normal bird

Two creatures enter and only one does leave
The thunderdome event is where flamingo’s reign supreme

They vanquish the so called king of the J
Those pink fluffy birds are way cray cray

The End

Big thanks to @sophieturner14, @william_scotty, @taubmans, @posca_aus and @body_movement_ for the good times.
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