February 08, 2018 at 08:24PM

Had a sweet time painting Estelle the Elephant at @taubmans paint launch party today. She’ll be hanging around at @workshopaus so go say hi.

Big thanks to @kirstgilbertsonartist, @candalc_ and @adrien_castaneda for coming for a paint and Taubmans for having me along.
The story of Estelle the Elephant

Estelle the Elephant really does like flowers, whenever she thinks flowery thoughts flowers come spraying out of her trunk like a flower shower. She gets heaps of work at weddings spraying flowers during the ceremony especially when the bride walks down the aisle. One time she went for a walk in a grassy meadow and it had no flowers in it at the start but by the end of the walk it was a grassy meadow with heaps of flowers in it because she sprayed them everywhere like a flower shower. The End.

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