February 16, 2019 at 06:06PM

Miguel the Monkey and Fiona the Flamingo hanging out at @bangkokbitescronulla.

The story of Miguel the Monkey and Fiona the Flamingo

Miguel and Fiona were brother and sister and Miguel was known for being a cheeky little rascal and doing pretty good pranks. One time he pranked Fiona by sticky taping an airhorn to her bedroom wall so that when she opened her door the door would hit the airhorn and make it go off and scare her heaps. Another time he dressed up as her car seat and when she went to drive her car and she went to sit down she got a big surprise that Miguel was her car seat instead of her normal car seat. Fiona would do some reciprocal pranks on Miguel as well like one time when they were having family dinner and Miguel’s new girlfriend was over Fiona put a whoopee cushion on Miguel’s seat when he went to sit down and it made a huge fart sound and he got all embarrassed. The End.

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