February 22, 2018 at 07:26PM

Had a sweet time painting some of the local characters at @macquarieuni O-Week this week.

Cheers @taubmans for the paint, @adrien_castaneda for the assistance and the crew at Macq Uni for the good times.

An Ode to the Macquarie Crew

There was a bunch of characters that ruled the place
The Macquarie Uni crew with cheeky looks on their face

A penchant for coffee had the Duck called Dirk
He had ten cups a day and he wore no shirt

Benny the Bin Chicken always scored mad feeds
The bins on campus had the goods indeed

Carlos the Cockie loved the icecream pistachio
Two scoops piled high like a double decker moustachio

Then the character we’re all wondering about
Is Gordie the garden gnome who’s fully grouse

He moved to campus on Conception Day
And loved it so much he lives there to this day

He lives in the bushes always having a good time
Waving at peeps and speaking in rhyme

The End

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