February 22, 2019 at 10:11AM

You might know that the global bee population is in dramatic decline, but what you mightn’t know is that these little guys are responsible for more than 30% of the foods we eat 🍓🥑🍌
So is was sweet to help @burtsbeesaus create a little extra buzz on the topic – with a mural on York Street telling the story of the foods we’d miss out on without the bees, and raising awareness and funds for these important critters.

Here’s an ode I wrote about it.
An Ode to the Bee Crew

There’s these little creatures we call the bees
Smaller than cicadas but bigger than flees

If you think them bees are just good for their honey
Let me tell you this mate, you’re not on the money

They do so much work which you may not know
But because of their toiling our foods do grow

Without those critters doing their pollinating gig
Then thirty percent of foods we eat would not be a thing

No coffee no banana no apple or cherry
Or pumpkin or lemon or even blueberry

No almonds or vanilla or grape or tomato
Or mango or peach or beloved avocado

Those or just some that I can remember right now
But you go have a look and it’ll furrow your brow

You can help right now by planting a flower or eight
Or mowing your lawn less could be kind of great

So in closing we should know that bees are great
And we should look out for them, they’re our little mates

The End 🎥@muhibfaris

Created with @ecolourpaint in association with @thedrawingarm and @the6amagency.

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