January 08, 2018 at 09:11AM

T’was great reading all the name ideas for this guy. They were all fab but he can have only one name and the one I went with was Cassius Tonguebow the Third as suggested by @attydesign who wins a sweet sticker pack.

An Ode to Cassius Tonguebow the Third

If there ever was a really magical guy
It was Cassius Tonguebow the Third who lived in the sky

He was a huge floating head who floated around
About 2 kilometres above the earthen ground

He made all the weather in the place he resided
Whether it was sunny or not he was the one who decided

When he was blue then it rained with the rain a gushing
From his beard it fell to the ground a rushing

When the thunder boomed large and loud
It was when he did fluffs from his butt in the cloud

His tongue was a rainbow his most astonishing feature
It was sweet cause it curled like a rainbow snake creature

About the hail, you don’t wanna know how it’s made
It’s a little bit gross and you might be afraid

So that’s the tale of this magical man up above
As powerful as a cyclone and graceful as a dove

The End