July 13, 2019 at 06:42PM

The new backyard fence mural at The Pasadena on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. You can check it out in person when you stay there 😉(the Airbnb link is in @the_pasadena profile). The story of the Pasadena Crew

Once there was a bunch of animals and they were all cousins and siblings and whatnot and when they grew up and were old enough to move out of home they rented a house together near the beach cause the beach is the best especially in summer. There was Luna the Lion and she was really good at skipping and started up a skipping academy where she trained up and coming young skippers how to skip even better. Then there was Sloan the Unicorn and she started up a couple of podcasts one of which was going really good, it was called ‘The adventures of Sloan the Unicorn and friends’. Then there was Camilla the Cockatoo and she was a snazzy bird who had a talent for landscape design, one time she designed a garden with a giant birdbath that was as big as a fully grown pool. Then there was Ari the Koala and she had a catering company known for catering super delish eucalyptus themed food at treetop party locations. Last but not least was Zephyr the Zebra and he was the youngest ever mathematics professor at his place of employment. Thats the story.
The End

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