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July 15, 2017 at 02:44PM

It’s Captain Crook, he was from my zombie series about 5 years ago. The original Captain Crook will be on display at a new show at @tortoiseshellgallery curated by @activatedwalls. Opening drinks this Sunday, 2-5 pm.
An Ode to Captain Crook
By @spiderbones

If you’re after a captain
Who looks more sleazy
You’d be hard pressed
This one’s real greasy

From port to port
He’s known all round
As the meanest moustache
To ever run aground

Once the commodore
Of a mighty fleet
Now he hangs out
Where the fishes sleep

The legend goes
That he was steering his vessel
When first mate Billy
Gave him the cutthroat special

His mutinous crew
Began to rejoice
Till they heard a rumble
A sickening voice
Turns out that zombies
Don’t bleed too much
And Captain Crook
Wasn’t dead as such

The terrified crew
Bailed in quick succession
And Crook was left nursing
His leering expression

Not at all pleased
He set about fishing
His mutinous crew
Ending up in the kitchen
To figure what happened
You don’t need much vision
Just spare a thought for the crew
The next time you go fishin’

The End

#mulgatheartist #activatedwalls #tortoiseshellgallery

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