July 28, 2018 at 11:39AM

My first mural back after an Indonesian surf trip. Was sweet painting a wall of donuts which are one of my favouritist foods. Made me want to eat donuts bad! Opposite Minto train station @mamaspolysoulfood is opening soon. Thanks Christine, Ryan, Dan and the crew for the commission and helping out. Cheers @taubmans for the colours.

An Ode to Danny the Donut

Danny the Donut was delicious and round
When he fell from the sky that’s when he was found

He landed on an island in Polynesian lands
Full of palm tree jungles and ringed by yellow sands

He setup a strata management biz
It was quite successful cause he was a business wiz

He liked to bake cookies in his spare time
And when he’d do it he’d sing in rhyme

He also liked snorkelling in the lagoon
Especially in the months of July and June

The End

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