June 25, 2018 at 09:37AM

I drew Callum the Cockie for the upcoming Beach Breaks Carnival hosted by @randwickcouncil.

An Ode to Callum the Cockie

There was a Cockie called Callum and he loved the beach
He’d go surfing everyday then eat an ice cream treat

He once went surfing for 700 days straight
He was as reliable as a clock or a paperweight

One time he went for a surf for all of the day
From early in the morn to the sun’s last ray

He got super peckish so after that sesh
He made an ice cream sandwich and it was the best

After a surf he’d work his surf school shift
Teaching those landlubbers surfing’s gift

He was the most popular dude in the water or sand
Cause he was super nice and would lend a hand

Eventually he got inducted into the surfing walk of fameĀ 
For being one of surfing’s rad characters and not a pain

The End

Cheers @thedrawingarm for facilitating and
@posca_aus for the colours.
#mulgatheartist #poscaau #poscaaus #cockatoo #surfart