March 14, 2018 at 06:32PM

The funky fruit punch mural at Northumberland St carpark for @liverpoolcitycouncil.

Thanks @liverpoolcitycouncil for allowing me to add colours to your walls, @taubmans for the colours and @bryden_designs, @conka_conka, @bravomarks, @super_redhead, and @nicolekoncz for coming for a paint.

The story of the Fruit Punch Gang

Once upon a time there was these fruit dudes chilling in the park by the jungle gym. They were pretty lethargic because it was a hot Saturday arvo and then Liam the Lemon had the idea that they all should grow moustaches. So the next weekend they met up and they all had sweet moustaches and they had heaps more energy and were high fiving and doing flips and everything. That night they had a gig at a party as the official fruit punch and they tasted so good they got a sweet bonus payment for being the life of the party. The End.

#mulgatheartist #moustachesaremagical #fruitpunch #streetart #taubmans

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