March 21, 2018 at 08:53PM

Top times painting these two bro’s at Macquarie Uni for Harmony Day. Cheers to @macquarieuni for getting me involved everyone who had a paint and @taubmans and @posca_aus for the paints.

The story of Timbo the Tiger and Craig the Koala, AKA the Harmonious Two.

Once there was these two creature dudes called Craig the Koala and Timbo the Tiger and they lived pretty close together in the bush. You could say that they were neighbours. Anyhow, they were heaps good buds and one day in spring Craig borrowed Timbo’s BMX for the annual ‘Take your Bike to Work Day’. Craig thought he was a mad dog on the BMX and on his way back from work he was doing sweet jumps and doing bunny hops and everything. He did one sweet jump but unfortunately he landed on a rock that was in the shape of a taco and buckled the back wheek. When he got home he gave the bike back to Timbo and gave him some cash to get the wheel fixed and also a box of Favourites chocolates. Timbo was stoked to get some chocolates because he loved the turkish delight one the best. They were super harmonious and were the best of neighbours for heaps long. The End.

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