March 26, 2018 at 09:52AM

Whenever my kids have a birthday I draw them a picture and get it framed and hang it in their bedroom. As Louis’s 4th birthday was approaching I asked him what he wanted me to draw. He said “a monster riding a motorbike doing a wheelie and eating an icecream”. I liked the brief and this is the result.
An Ode to Louis the Wheelie Popping Icecream Eating Hairy Monster
Louis was a monster big and blue
Popping wheelies better than me or you

One handed wheelies was his trick
So hard to do and fully sick

He also really loved icecream treats
Devouring them when performing astounding feats

When not on his Moto he loved to wrestle his bro
Cannonballs from the top bunk was the way to go

Causing a ruckus and making a mess
Is some of the other things that he did the best

Also he was the tickliest monster you’ll ever meet
And all over his body, not just his feet

So that’s a bit about this monster big and hairy
Popping wheelies on his Moto looking blue and scary

The End

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