May 02, 2018 at 10:35AM

Colourful courtyard mural at a house in Annandale.

The story of the Three Jungle Birds

Once there was three birds and they were best friends. They all went on a holiday together on a cruise boat and had a grand time going swimming and going on the waterslides and sunbaking and going to the all you can eat restaurants. They sailed around the world and visited Madagascar where there was heaps good jungles and stuff and they played hide and seek but they were having so much fun that they forgot to go back to the ship in time for departure and so they lived in the colourful jungles of Madagascar forever playing hide and seek nearly every day. The End.

Cheers to @taubmans for the paint and @feinfanti and @bravomarks and Rae for having a paint with me and Mike for the commission.

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