May 17, 2019 at 08:53AM

This hand painted Simmo the Strawberry tote bag and the only one of its kind in the world is being auctioned off by @i.feed.refugees with 100% of the funds going to building a community garden. Place your bid on the @i.feed.refugees Instagram post that has a hand holding the bag.

The auction ends tonight at 9pm AEST so get amongst it and support a great cause.
The story of Simmo the Strawberry 🍓

As Simmo woke up one Monday morning to head to work as a PE teacher he noticed something different about himself. Overnight he had a grown a healthy moustache which was odd because never before had he been able to grow any facial hair because he was a strawberry and that’s just not what they do. But today was different and be felt like a new strawberry and on the way into work on the train he noticed people taking notice of his lush moustache and it made him feel good. When he got to work the principal saw him and told him he had to shave the moustache because moustaches were banned at school. So he did because he really needed that job as he had lots of credit card debt that he needed to pay off. The End.

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