May 30, 2018 at 09:20AM

The story of Jimmy the Toucan

Jimmy loved hot air ballooning a whole heap. He had his own hot air balloon and it was in the shape of a taco, he took it to the skies every Tuesday and all the local Mexican restaurants loved it, they would always be taking photos of it and putting it on their instagram saying it’s taco Tuesday at the restaurant come down and have a taco yada yada. Some of the other birds didnt understand Jimmy’s obsession with hot air ballooning because he was a bird and had wings and could fly perfectly well so why did he need a cumbersome device like a hot air balloon to get airborne. But it’s really tiring having to flap your wings all the time to get really high and Jimmy just loved the feeling of being up there in the sky with nothing but the peaceful swoosh of the clouds and by being in the hot air balloon he could relax and enjoy the serenity without all the usual incessant flapping. 
The End.
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