November 20, 2017 at 04:16PM

Boom! Trevor Tempo Trunks provided the beats and the @retrosweat crew the moves.

An Ode to Trevor Tempo Trunks

He was a magical creature, a sight to behold
His appearance a feature, his style so bold

Known far and wide as Mr Trevor Tempo Trunks
He played the drums better than MJ could do the dunks

From when he was born he was destined for things
Like making great noises by hitting the pig skins

It turned out he was skilled in more ways than we know
For the more that he drummed the more trunks that did grow

With each new trunk that grew his beats got more crazy
Strange things started happening, the details are hazy

But the story goes like this and I believe it is true
He could control the world around him with his beats so new

If he wanted his skin to be a shade of pink
He’d just lay down that beat and pink he would be

Or if he wanted an ice cream to appear out of the air
He’d just play the ice cream beat and one would be there

So what we can learn from this magical beast
Is to be the best at your own thing and all will be sweet

The End

#mulgatheartist #pinkelephant #retrosweat