November 24, 2017 at 09:58AM

I painted Herman the Hotdog for a fund-raising exhibition at the Sydney Children’s Hospital opening on the 7th of December.
The Story of Herman the Hotdog ?

When Herman the Hotdog was just a little hotdog living in the 80s he loved the boom box culture where dudes would cruise the streets with boom boxes perched atop their shoulders blasting banging tunes so that everybody could appreciate them.

When he grew up to be a big hotdog he knew that was what he wanted to do to. But as so happens in life things turned out differently and he somehow found himself studying law followed by a successful career as a personal injury lawyer in the 6th best law firm in the city.

About 10 years into his career just as he was up for promotion to partner (and the first ever hotdog as a partner in any law firm) he remembered his childhood dreams of being a boom box hot dogger.

He decided that he wasn’t following his dreams by being a lawyer so he quit the lawyer biz and bought himself a sweet 80s boom box and started his boom box career. Turns out he was a super natural 80s boom boxer hotdog and his boom box biz boomed. He was booked back to back for weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, Friday drinks, music festivals, club nights you name it. One time he was even booked to play at one of Elton Johns legendary parties.

The End

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