November 24, 2018 at 05:45PM

Vincent the viking now on dudes and kids tees and tanks. Available from my pop up shop in Westfield Miranda (level 3 near Kathmandu) or from my internet shop.

He was a collaboration with @mike__watt who drew the outlines and I decorated (or tattooed) him and he appeared in Mike’s zine called Tattoo Me with a heap of other artists.

The story of Vincent the Viking

Once there was a viking and his name was Vincent and he was the raddest viking in his whole village. He was the first viking to rock the suspenders and socks combo before it was even a thing.

He trained every day to be the best darn axe wielding viking that there ever was, for example he would get up every morning at 5 am and chop wood for a good 27 minutes and then do push ups for another 13 minutes before doing 11 or so chin ups and then he would throw his axes at thick tree trunks for another 3 hours. He had a super precise aim and could even split an apple in half from 50 metres if it was balancing on someone’s head.

The End

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