November 29, 2017 at 10:29AM

Painted this funky mural yesterday on the back wall of the Chappell fam house. Big thanks to the Chappell fam for having me along and for their hospitality and @pablojararabie and @conka_conka for helping me paint and @taubmans for the sweet paint.

The story of Angus the Flamingo and Molly the Beagle

It’s a little known fact that beagles and flamingos are best friends in real life, wherever you see beagles in the wild you will also see flamingos. It’s true, go and watch a documentary on flamingos and look below the flock of flying flamingos and you will see a whole bunch of beagles running around down below. Sometimes they dress up as flamingos to provide camouflage from predators but they are there, believe me they are there.

Angus the Flamingo and Molly the Beagle where no exception to this best friend rule. Sometimes when Angus the Flamingo gets tired of flying around he sits on Molly the Beagles back and gets a lift down to the shops to buy some prawns. Sometimes when they are journeying and they come to a river that is hard to cross Angus the Flamingo will pick up Molly the Beagle and fly her across the river. They are pretty much the perfect team. Like Captain Planet but better.

The End

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