October 17, 2018 at 11:18PM

Stoked to add some paint to the @redbullau Sydney office. This mural’s in the kitchen and features all the flavours from the new ORGANICS drink range.
Cheers @krusty.cat.artist, @feinfantiart
@itsa_dali_creation and @hidetoshi321 for helping me to paint it and Hector and the Red Bull crew for the commission 🌝 🙏. An Ode to the ORGANICS by Red Bull Crew
Once in a land full of magical things
Lived four buddies with pop and fizz
They came from the earth so natural and rad
If you ever met them you’d be way glad
There was Simply Cola man and he was the dapper guy
A mystery man so sophisticated in style
Bitter Lemon was the one known for having fun
Ready with a laugh and being the creative one
Ginger Ale liked to do things her way
Keeping everyone guessing every day
Last but not least was Tonic Water dude
A confident fella and chilled as too
One day they were discovered in the land that they were
And it was as great as that time on a cannon sat Cher

The End

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