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October 10, 2017 at 08:33PM

The Watermelon 🍉 Bro’s skatedeck and heaps of others is hanging and ready to rock for the @mossfoundationskaters charity artshow happening Thursday 12 October at @altmann_studio. It kicks off at 6pm and will be a cracker.
All the sale proceeds go to a great cause with 100% of the money raised going to building clean water projects in Swaziland💧👍 #mulgatheartist #poscaau #skateart #skateboardart #skateboard #art #watermelonart #skatedeck #skatedeckart

October 10, 2017 at 09:29AM

I collabed with @mybeanabout to make this sweet limited edition kids portable beanbag. It turns into a backpack when you’re walking around and then into a beanbag when your sitting Down. Genius!
Now available from my online shop it’s made from 100% recycled, durable, water resistant material with a percentage from every sale goes to saving endangered Mountain Gorillas 🦍😊🦍 #mulgatheartist #mybeanabout

October 07, 2017 at 08:37AM

I drew Frankie Banana Batman for Frankie’s 6th birthday this year.
An Ode to Frankie Banana Batman

Frankie the Banana Batman was the greatest ever
The amount of times someone said he wasn’t was actually never

Like a duck eating bread in the pond in the park
He took to crime fighting like a light to the dark

In a variety of ways he fought the bad guys
From slipping banana peels to tickling them till they cry

To have ever lived he was the fastest Batman around
Not cause of his car but because his shoes on the ground

When not fighting crime he liked long distance races
He always ran at 100% and never counted his paces

When not fighting crime or having a run
He liked building Lego cities it was heaps of fun

Yellow was his favourite block colour to build
Banana Lego worlds of which yellow peeps they were filled

The End

#mulgatheartist #batman #banana #poscaart #poscaau #poscaaus

October 05, 2017 at 01:01PM

Sweet birdseye view of a couple of walls I painted earlier this year at Greenway Plaza at Wetherill Park. 📸 @bokorarchitects

#streetart #wetherillpark #mulgatheartist #taubmans

October 05, 2017 at 10:23AM

Kumatan is a super cuddly bear 🐻 from Japan🇯🇵 . He likes to have a good time and is happy 😊 for most of the time especially when he has a coconut🌴 drink in his hand. Sometimes he likes to go roller skating with his girlfriend Kanojyo down on the promenade whilst eating a banana🍌 flavoured gelato🍦. Banana🍌 gelato🍦 is his favourite flavour of gelato🍦, his second most favourite gelato🍦 flavour is mango.

The End


#mulgatheartist #kumatan #mulgatheartistjapan

Sweet Video

Adding some colour at Sydney Children’s Hospital @sydney_kids couple of years ago 🦅🐦🌱 Thanks to @rad_elineart and @rachelfaragpottery for the help

October 03, 2017 at 03:46PM

An Ode to Leon the Chameleon

When Leon was little he was a bundle of fun
He loved playing hide and seek with his bros in the sun

He was so good at hiding sometimes he wouldn’t be found for a week
He’d never emerge from his hidey hole until someone had a peak

The national hide and seek games he’d compete in every year
He’d win without fail and his support crew would cheer

There was Barry and Edna and Camilla and James
And they looked after him for the duration of the games

They baked him burritos and massaged his eyes
Shined his scales and cooked him up curly fries

Thus goes the story of Leon and his crew
Sticking together like paper to glue

The End

#mulgatheartist #poscaau #posca #poscaart #chameleonsofig #chameleon

October 01, 2017 at 12:56PM

Painted Bermuda Bobby King of the Beach at Bondi Beach on a sunny winters day earlier this year. Looking forward to summer times 🌞🌊 An Ode to Bermuda Beard Bobby King of the Beach

Once in a while there comes along a guy
Whose beard is nearly as big as the sky

His beard has the most magical reach
That’s why we call him Bermuda Bobby King of the Beach

His beard is so deep like the ocean blue
With a multitude of islands poking out through

Unseen to the eye deep within that beard fur
Swim magical dolphins singing the songs of Cher

Their harmonies are really something to hear
Like musical gold dripping in your left ear

So next time you hit the beach and its sands so yella
Spare a thought for Bobby the beach loving fella

The End 📸:@ecblog24

#mulgatheartist #streetarteverywhere #bondiartwall #surf #streetart #grafitti #instagrafitti #art #mural #sydneystreetart #bondigrafitti #bondistreetart #grafittiart #beach #bondi #bondibeach #beardart #muralart

Sweet Video

Under the sea fruity vibes at Paddington @pokebowl_aus

#mulgatheartist #taubmans #poscaaus #pokebowl #poke #muralart #mural #streetart #beardart #foodart #sydneyart

September 28, 2017 at 08:30AM

About a year ago I painted this giraffe mural at @the_henson, it was great.
The story of the 10 giraffe bros

There is 10 giraffes and they are all bros with Healthy Harold the Giraffe being the oldest, he goes around to schools teaching all the kids about healthy living. Frankie the Giraffe owns and operates an employment agency specializing in placing EA’s (executive assistants). Jimmy the Giraffe flies single propellor aeroplanes delivering seafood supplies to seafood restaurants located in central Australia. Archie the Giraffe is an artist who specialises in painting Amazonian animals and plant life. Norm the Giraffe works as a barrista specializing in strong lattes but only works on the weekend in a small cafe in Surry Hills. Dallas the Giraffe was a high school drop out that has since invested in the popular franchise “Jims Mowing” and now makes a modest living. Geoffrey the Giraffe is a professional college b-ball player and is really good at slam dunking. Stewart the Giraffe teaches history at the local high school and the kids love him because he is a cool giraffe teacher. Longneck Lucas the Giraffe works as a cement renderer. Garth the Giraffe is a roof tiler and doesn’t even need to use a ladder.

The End 📸: @innerwest_art

#mulgatheartist #thehenson #giraffe #animalart #giraffeart

September 27, 2017 at 08:20AM

Sweet to see the real plants growing up around my plant paintings at 10 Pearl Street Newtown 📸@_sandylah

#perfectmatchinnerwest #mulgatheartist #streetart #innerwest #muralart

Sweet Video

Painting at the @pokebowl_aus Paddington shop yesterday. Stay tuned for finished shots 👌🍍 #mulgatheartist #taubmans #pokebowl

Sweet Video

Bearded pineapples 🍍 going down a treat at Paddington @pokebowl_aus

#mulgatheartist #pokebowl #beardart #foodart #beard

September 19, 2017 at 02:29PM

Working on a bright new wall for a new @pokebowl_aus shop in Paddington. Opens this weekend, I better get back to painting!

#taubmans #mulgatheartist #pokebowl #poscaaus

Studio 10

I appeared on the tv show Studio 10 with Kurt and we painted a sweet bearded dude with the hosts of Studio 10 sitting in his beard. We also talked about the Innerwest Council’s Perfect Match program. It was grouse.

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