Having fun illustrating another page from my children’s picture book!

It’s Porpoise Pete and he is coming back on tees for dudes and kids from my online shop. I like to wear him matching with my kids.
An Ode to Porpoise Pete

Once upon a time was born a dude called Pete
As he grew in age he grew a beard so sweet

On a tropical island he lived and he was young and free
And whenever he spotted a porpoise he was filled with glee

In return all the porpoises loved him and thought he was neat
And thus his buddies named him Porpoise Pete

He travelled around the archipelago on a porpoise called Cheyne
In any kind of weather even the hail and rain

Then they had a sweet idea for a business venture
It involved porpoise rides and some sweet adventure

They ran porpoise ride tours up and down the island chain
And everyone loved it especially ole porpoise Cheyne

The End

Illustrating a page from my children’s picture book with a little help from Frankie.

Sweet Summer Sale!

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An Ode to Fruit Face FredHis favourite food was the fruit of the world
The summer ones to him were a kind of gold

He ate so much his face became a tree
Of fruit delicacies that grew forth with glee

He fed his whole village their fill of summer fruit
And in the summer time he was the absolute dude

Another thing you need to know about this guy
Is that his moustache is so beautiful it makes grown men cryThe End

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the monkey which is pretty sweet because monkeys are cool.
The story of Griswald the good vibe gorilla.
Griswald the good vibe gorilla was born with a very special talent. It was the ability to make anyone who encountered him smile. Sometimes it was because of his happy bright colours and other times it was when he told a funny joke like “Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice” and other times it was just the good vibes that he emitted from his being.
His favourite place to hang was down at Bondi Beach because he liked to provide good vibes to all the surfers and swimmers and people playing that game with the paddles and ball, is it called paddle ball? That game looks fun.
For unknown reasons his vibes are strongest early Friday mornings and you can tell just how strong because a lot of the surfers in the line up turn fluro and have a great time. That’s why they call it #flurofriday.
The End

I painted him in support of @onewaveisallittakes a non profit surf community combating depression.

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Stoked to get the opportunity to make some sweet art on the surfboard of this dude, pro surfer Adrian Buchan @acebuchan.
It’s for an art show called BROKEN DREAMS involving @la_division artists which will see broken surfboards provided by elite professional surfers repurposed into amazing artworks to convey the message of @take3forthesea. The idea  of Take 3 is pretty simple, next time you visit the beach, find three items of trash and throw them in the bin.
The boards will be exhibited on the 26th Feb to kick off the @ausopenofsurf. All proceeds will go towards the @take3forthesea TAKE 3 education program that will focus on influencing our youth to take action against pollution.

@take3forthesea @la_division @acebuchan @hurley
 #take3brokendreams #ladivision #artfiends #ausopenofsurf

Cherry the Chicken from my Magical Colouring Book beautifully coloured by @hennyspicz.

For all colouring books purchased from my online shop I now write a little poem and sign them.
Here’s the poem about Cherry
An Ode to Cherry the Chicken

Cherry had an absence of teeth in her beak
Hence the saying as rare as hens teeth

She was a special old chook with a distinctive style
And she loved strutting her stuff and getting all wild

She was the queen of the chooks at the free range farm
Because of her skill of laying gold eggs from her bum

After laying an egg she would get up and dance
Do the moonwalk up there on the fence

The End

A sketch from a page of my children’s picture book which will be coming out later in the year.
This has been my most challenging project to date and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Had some delish lunch at @hazelhurstcafe and then said goodbye to Charlie and Mike in the garden at @hazelhurstgallery. They had a good run, excited to see the next mural.
An Ode to Charlie and Mike

Charlie the Cockie was a gnarly and eccentric bird
The music he made you should have heard

Yellow Hat Mike was his very best mate
And they jammed together every night till late

They created hypno electronica music tunes
They played sold out shows and always ate prunes

They made music in a very interesting way
By focusing their minds to create a laser ray

Which they would then beam into a magic stone
The refraction of the light would create a musical tone

The resultant sounds were a mesmerising thing
And everyone who heard would involuntarily sing

Thus goes the tale of a bird and his mate
Who through focused thought created something great

The End

Filming a story with ABC in the old Mulga studio today. Here I was drawing a gorilla for a timelapse section.

Seven Eyed Stefano laser beaming into some @captainearwax with some @bafcat in the background on the walls of @recordstoresyd. Regram from @the.willing.amy.
I painted Seven Eyed Stefano last year as part of a project with PayPal. You can check out the video on my YouTube channel.
An Ode to Seven Eyed Stefano
Seven eyes on his face with laser beams from four 
Ole Seven Eyed Stefano is a magical being for sure

With every new eye that grows on his face 
Another laser beam is created that can zap into space

With lasers he signals all the party peeps from the planets around
To let them know of the sweet party that’s going on down
He hosts these dance parties far out in the sticks
Where alien beings dance next to humanoid hicks

He uses his lasers when DJing at the gig
Lasering buttons on and off on his sweet turntable rig

Some say that he’s magical others say that he’s weird 
But the thing I know for sure is that he has the sweetest black beard

The End

I painted King Zane and Constantine the Dragon for little baby Zane when he was born and now it has been recreated in delicious cake form by @sugarbeecakes for his baptism day. 100‰ edible too!
An Ode to King Zane and Constantine the Dragon

T’was many years ago in a medieval land
Lived Constantine the Dragon and Zane the man

He was known throughout the land as the Dragon King
More powerful even than the Hobbit’s Ring

These two unlikely friends met by chance many moons ago
In quite a perilous situation if you really must know

You see young Zane was exploring the woods without a care
When he chanced upon the mutant creature known as Bhark the Bear

Bhark had him cornered and at that moment was ready to eat
When from the clouds appeared Constantine and with a fireball knocked Bhark off his feet

From that day onwards the best of friends where dragon and man
Going on sweet as adventures all over the land

The End

@kontendedkatie #mulgatheartist

It was my grandma’s birthday yesterday so I drew her a unicorn. I call her Ma but her real name is Maree.
An Ode to Maree the Unicorn
Maree the unicorn was a wonderful beast
She had mad skills in the kitchen and liked to cook a feast

When she made a cake she used her horn to mix it
And if there was recipe problems you know the horn could fix it

She lived down the coast where the hills are green
And when she was young she was a bookkeeping machine

Every morning she would go for a unicorn jog
And leap over each and every log

At the end of the jog in the waterfall she would swim
She would flounce around in the water with her unicorn grin
Happy birthday Ma I hope you had a nice time
And I also hope that you like my rhyme
The End

Party Duck

It’s Party Duck! I was commissioned to paint him for the upcoming Wollongong Uni Garden Party.
An Ode to Party Duck
There was a duck and he was a grumpy dude
Some people called him evil duck others called him rudeHe ruled the Wollongong Uni lawn with an iron feather
His methods were extremely brutal but also kind of clever

He terrorised all the students and teachers alike
If he saw you with a sandwich he’d chase you off and then take a bite

Swimming in the duck pond one day he ran out of luck
He was ambushed by the Death Feather gang and stabbed by another duck

That day he may have died a violent death but his duck spirit lives on
No longer an evil one but one that’s full of fun

So raise your glass and give a cheer for party duck is here
For good times and fun shall be had whenever he is near

The End

Mulga shop closing sale

We have had a good couple of months having the pop up shop in Westfield Miranda but all good things come to an end so we will be closing it in a week with the last day being Sunday the 10th of January.

We are having a sweet closing down sale with up to 40% off. Get in quick for a rare chance to get some Mulga goodies on sale!

Mulga shop in Westfield Miranda Jan 2016-web

Mulga shop in Westfield Miranda Jan 2016-web3

Mulga shop in Westfield Miranda Jan 2016-web2

Radical New Mulga products

It’s 2 weeks till Christmas, yikes!

We’ve got so many radical new products it’s not even funny.  You can check them out at Sydney Finders Keepers markets this weekend or from our pop up shop in Westfield Miranda or from our sweet online shop.

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Remy the Rainbow Lion


Remy the Rainbow Lion at MCIC UNSW - web

I painted Remy the Rainbow Lion on the window of the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at the University of New South Wales for their Climate Change Festival.

The story of Remy

Remy the Rainbow Lion was the most magical lion that ever lived. He was heaps bigger than a regular lion, like at least 4.5 times larger in diameter.

Whenever there was a big storm in the area where he lived he would run up the mountain like a crazed mountain goat and when the clouds would pass by the Cliff of Wonders he would leap off and land on the clouds and go for a magical ride as if he was Aladdin on his magic carpet.

After going for a bit of a ride he would sometimes get so excited that he would do a roar of glee and out would pop a magic lion rainbow the likes of which the savannah has never seen before.

Sometimes when there was more than one rainbow in the sky at the same time that was because his brother Barry was also going for a ride on the clouds and also getting a bit excited.

The End

Wayne the Wolf

Wayne the Wolf-web

Mulga and Wayne and Deb

Please meet Wayne the Wolf.

I painted him live during the filming of this Sundays Foxtel’s arts show, Event with Deborah Hutton.

The episode airs on Foxtel Arts channel at 5pm on 1 November 2015.

The original painting of Wayne the Wolf is available to purchase from my online shop here.

Prints of Wayne the Wolf are available here.

An Ode to Wayne the Wolf

There was this wolf and his name was Wayne
He had the most magical colours and none were the same

He liked to prance on the rainbow while howling at the sun
Because as we know prancing on rainbows is the best of fun

The End

Cheers Art Pharmacy for inviting me on the show.

Chief Great Beard

Chief Beard-web

I painted Chief Great Beard recently and he is based on a track from Little May’s debut album “For the Company’.

He is available to buy as a print and on men’s tees.

An Ode to Chief Great Beard

There was this dude and he was the chief
Before he was the boss his name was Keith
He used to be just a regular guy in the tribe
That was before growing a beard he did decide
First his beard was ok then it was good then it was great
That was the point at which he took control of his fate
He became all that he was meant to be
He was a man destined to be wild and free
He rode around the place on a huge buffalo called Bill
And his hunting skills were so superb he always ate his fill
One time when he was in mortal combat with a rival tribe
His beard stopped some arrows from which he would surely have died
He left them in there as a reminder to one and all
That a beard can be the difference between life or your downfall
The End