LONGBEARDS ANONYMOUS MONKEY FACTORY is an art show showcasing the magical creations and astounding ART of Mulga (Joel Moore) and Emoo (Eden Moore). These 2 brothers will blow your mind with their drawings and paintings of wizardry proportions.

We guarantee at this show you will see technicolor zombies, pirates, beards galore and creatures large and small. Check out Mulga’s page for a little sample of the art on offer,

There will be bands all night. Art house rockers Mulga’s Room ( and surf art rockers Fade in the Shade have confirmed to play with at least 2 other bands ie Black Matches and the Burning Palms yet to confirm.

There will be live action poetry recitals by dad and maybe even uncle egg, you don’t wanna miss this.

There will be free brewskis provided by Brass beer
Other sponsors are Lodown, the rad skate shop
and Misfit Shapes, the rad surfboard company
and El Sol, the rad Mexican food joint next door to the event

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It’s going to be a most excellent occasion and your company would be most welcome. Yew!!

El Capitan rides the waves again

This is a drawing I completed for El Capitan surfing boards. They will prepare for you the most magical surfing board you can imagine.

This is a poem I completed just because…

El Capitan
He is an old sea dog and he surfs a log
He smokes a pipe and doesn’t own a dog
On the high seas of life he stays outta strife
Except when he hunts for treasure and fights with a knife
A life long sailor like this here man
Prefers the raging ocean waters over any dry land
He’s been here and there and seen this and that
He’ll stare you down while he wears his hat
He’s the El Capitano and he sings soprano
He likes the rum and he’s got bravado

The end

See you next time – Mulga

Magical Diamond Froggy

This is a bedazzled frog.
He is found on the ground in the vicinity of diamond mines.
As a result of his environment he is all diamondy and glittery and magical and sparkles in the sun like Edward the magical vampire.
Go team Edward!
Here is a poem about the magical sparkly diamond frog.

The magical sparkly diamond frog
He is a frog that doesn’t hide in a log
He sits in the sun and sings his song
He is pretty to view
With a diamond or three
Upon his skin for all the swamp to see
He is a girls best friend and his name is Ben
He would look good on a ring, he sure is a gem

See you next time.

Zombie Getting Kicked in the Goonies

This is the first highlighter zombie I drew.
He doesn’t look to happy.
It looks like he just took a swift one to the goonies.
Poor zombie fella!
Here’s a poem about his predicament.

An ode to the goonie kicked zombie

Getting kicked in the goonies aint much fun
Even when your a zombie on the run
The pain can make a tough zombie cry
He’ll double over in pain and want to die
He knows that feeling because he’s the undead
Or maybe not if there’s no brains left in his head

See you next time.

I am the captain of this ship

I wrote a poem to accompany the picture of the pirate that I drew

A Pirate’s Poem

I shall make thee walk the plank
With hands bound ye shall sink
Mutiny I shall not permit
I am the captain of this ship

See you next time

Purple hairy frogman and his guitar

This is the purple hairy frogman playing guitar.
He also wears a fantastic headband which has 4 stars on it. They are white on a red background.
He wears a lovely pair of shoes which he buffs to a splendid polish every day. He can see his own reflection in them when he looks down.
He takes pride in his appearance and why shouldn’t he, he is a unique character and is the best dressed creature in his local swamp.His dapper appearance is what separates him from all the other creatures in his local ecosystem.
He has 3 female admirers of which he has no interest in. That’s just the way it is sometimes.Maybe he just likes the thrill of the chase.
His nipples are cross shapes which is unique to him and the green hairy scary frogman who holds an umbrella. The green hairy scary frogman can be found in a prior post of mine. Check out one of his arms. It is unusually longer then the other. Nature is a funny thing.
See you next time.

Fat Cat Zombie

This guy likes eating caviar and baby cats. He is the guy the Occupy Wall Street campers don’t like. He is the 1%.  He has dollars and he wants more. He has power and power gets you want you want. Shame on you fat cat zombie.
See you next time.

Zombie with Mo-Hawk

Here’s a flouro zombie. He was made with highlighter and artline felt tip pen.
He has a mo-hawk and he is looking out of frame at something of which i am not sure.
It seems to be of interest to this particular zombie as he seems to be going ‘oooh’ or maybe even whistling.
Maybe he saw a hot zombie babe and he is performing the classic fox whistle.
See you next time.

Six Round Zombie Heads

This is a painting of six round zombie heads.
They are round like an orange or a bowling ball.
Some are happy, some are sad, some are tired and some are bad,
some are whistling and some are poking their tongue out and one of them has a mo-hawk.
Their teeth are sharp and i wouldn’t like to meet them in the dark.
See you next time.

Surfer Zombie

This surfer zombie thinks he is way cool.
Maybe he is.
Are surfer zombies cool? You tell me.

Peace is in our Hands

This is my hand after it was contaminated by radioactive toxic sludge.
Nah just joking, but seriously it was actually my hand when I became exceedingly angry in my car because the other drivers drove in front of me really slow and I turned into the Incredible Hulk.
Nah just joking again, it was actually my hand when I formed the peace sign and then drew and painted it in colours that my hand normally does not appear in. That’s the honest truth.
The peace sign is silent but effective and I sometimes form and display it when I see someone I know and I want to do something different than the standard 4 fingered plus 1 thumbed wave.
You should try it sometime, it could be your new thaang!!
See you next time.

Death From Above

Falcon with green lazer beams by Mulga the Artist 300dpi 600px wide

This is an artwork of a Perigrin Falcon. They are silent killers.
They are awesome hunters and have the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes.
They prey on other birds like ducks, pheasants and pigeons and even bats. They usually always attack in mid flight by a kick to the face.
Sometimes they kill by shooting laser beams from their eyes. They do this when they don’t feel like kicking and when they want a warm meal.
They fly damn fast too. They can travel up to 320 kilometers per hour when in a dive bomb.
They live on every continent in the world except Antarctica. It’s probably too cold for them there.
Some falcons travel 15,000 kilometers per year and like to go back to their own nest. Some nests have been in use for hundreds of years and are occupied by successive generations of falcons. How cool is that!
See you next time.

Green and Pink Stripey Frog

Here’s a frog.
I drew him with highlighter and art-line felt tip pen.
He has a green torso and pink legs, arms, feet, hands and eye.
He’s got lots of stripes and patterns on him.
Here’s an acrostic poem:

Fun. Frogs must have heaps of fun because they are really good at jumping. Pearl has lots of fun jumping and she can’t even jump very high. Imagine if you could jump as good as a frog. You would be like some kind of super hero. Maybe you would be called the Frog-Man.
Running. Frog’s can’t run but this is compensated by their excellent jumping ability. See above.
Only male frogs can croak. Some frogs can whistle and some can chirp like a bird.
Goliath Frog. This type of frog is the biggest frog in the world and can grow up to 3 feet long when stretched out. See a pic here.
See you next time.

Stripes of a colour stick together

This is a painting on canvas with acrylic paint and posca.
There are nine stripes under-girding this piece and 9 eye balls looking on in an indifferent gaze.
They are varied in colour.
I submitted this to Illustration Friday’s current topic of “Stripes”.
See you next time.
– Mulga

The Scary Hairy Frogman

When i look at the Scary Hairy Frogman so many many questions arise, such as:
-why is the Frogman hairy? Typically frogs are hairless creatures. Is this some new mutant breed of creature, half frog and half hairy man?
-why does a Frogman need an umbrella. Frog’s love the water and often live in its cool embrace? Perhaps he is sheltering from the ozone hole.
-why does a Frogman wear dress shoes? Frog’s are typically casual creatures, even Kermit who hosted his own television show didn’t wear shoes much less shoes as stylish as the Scary Hairy Frogman. Perhaps he is a frequenter of dancing clubs, we do not know.
-why is one of his arms much longer than the other? Is this a birth defect or just bad penmanship or even a mutation due to his frequent use of aforementioned umbrella.
-why are his nipples x’s. This is odd and we do not have the time allocated to explore this issue further.
-when i look at his mouth i wonder if he whistling or going in for a kiss or going ooooh!
I have adequately demonstrated there are many questions unanswered. If you are able to answer any questions please contact me immediately. If you remain curious i advise you to subscribe to my blog by inserting your email address into the top left corner of this page. All will be revealed in due course.
Long live the Scary Hairy Frogman!

Sun Face on My Surfboard

I drew a sun face on my surfboard with a black posca.
He appears to be whistling or saying ‘oooh’.
Some facts about the sun:
The sun is now a middle-aged star, meaning it is at about the middle of its life.
The sun is 109 times wider then the earth and 333,000 times heavier.
The sun rotates every 25-36 days.
The sun is the ultimate source of fuel.
We would be so dead without the sun.
See you next time
– Mulga

p.s. I’m selling this surfboard. It’s in pretty good condition. The dimensions are 6’5 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2.
It comes with future fins and a tailpad and the artwork is included. Drop me a line if your interested.


Here’s a little drawing of a shark i did. He is made up of a few different kinds of patterns.
Here is a poem about sharks in acrostic style.

Sharks are the kings of the sea.
Huge.Sharks can get pretty huge. A case in point is the 470kg, 3.8 metre tiger shark which was caught 500 metres off Main beach, Gold Coast in Queensland on Thursday 13 October 2011.
Awesome predators. They are heaps good at eating stuff. They are king of the food chain in the ocean. They are like the lions of the sea.
Running is not what sharks are good at. They are better at swimming. A Mako shark can swim 96 kilometres per hour.
Kebabs. Sharks like to eat kebabs, and people.
Swell shark, which lives in New Zealand barks like a dog. Woof woof!

See you next time.

Le Crabtraption

This is le humble crab. I drew this on paper with gauche (with some water added) and posca pen.
The crab is a great contraption that God invented.
Crabs are cool because they can run sideways really well and because of this they are really good at soccer because they are excellent jockeyer’s. It also helps to have 8 feet (not including the claws). However, sadly they are bad dancers because they have 4 left feet.
Please beware that crabs are decapods and they have teeth on the inside of their stomach, kinda like that pit in the desert that Jabba the Hutt hangs out at. That is one scary scene.

Here’s a crab joke.
A man walks into a restaurant and says, “Do you serve crabs here?”
The waitress replies, “We serve everyone. Have a seat.”

Here’s a poem I composed about crabs in acrostic style. It doesn’t ryhme (sorry).

Crabs are cannibals and will eat their best friend if he is a weakling
Running sideways is what crabs are good at (and also chomping stuff with their claws)
A crab can grow it’s claw back if it gets lost/chomped by it’s other claw/stuck under a rock etc (awesome!)
Blue swimmer crabs are a type of crab and are yummy.
Some say the superman of crabs is the Japanese Spider Crab. These crabs are huge (and scary)!

So crabs are not so boring after all. See you next time.

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