Newtown Art Seat

For the month of July 2015 I displayed 3 bearded dude heads in the Newtown Art Seat. I called the artwork “Beards, beards, beards”.

There was a poem that accompanied the 3 bearded dude heads, it went like this.

An Ode to Beards, Beards, Beards

Beards are nice and useful too
They are great to house your spanners or flamingo crew

The End

MULGA- ART SEAT 2015-web

Mulga at Newtown Art Seat 2015-web

Mulga and Spanner beard Samson at Newtown Art Seat -web

repost of newtown art seat 2015

Chilli Charles the Chilli

Chilli Charles the chilli

This is Chilli Charles, he is a magical chilli and also the hottest chilli in the “Chilli Shack” (some say the world) and his life long dream is to be eaten and to chilli burn the mouth of the individual that eats him.

This is the dream of every chilli but none more so than Charles who has for wished for this ever since he was a tiny little baby chilli.

Growing up he pumped iron every day increasing his hotness to such a level that even the toughest chilli eaters fear Charles’s heat.

The whole chilli community knows that once Charles is eaten something magical will happen but no one knows exactly what will happen.

The End.

Cap’n Flouro Phil at Bondi Beach

I painted Cap’n Flouro Phil at the promenade on Bondi Beach.

An Ode to Cap’n Flouro Phil

The wind in my beard
Sun on my face
The ocean for me
Is a magical place

The End

capn flouro phil and mulga-web2 capn flouro phil-web 4 capn flouro phil-web 5capn flouro phil-web 1 capn flouro phil-close-web3

Council of Flamingos Mural

In April I painted the Council of Flamingo’s on the walls of La Piadina in Bondi as part of a monthly street art program curated by Activated Walls.

The Story behind the Council of Flamingo’s

The Council of Flamingos are comprised of 13 flamingo’s and they are the ruling body of all flamingos worldwide.

When they meet the synergy that results is rated 4 out of 5 stars and produced great ideas like those sweet flamingo sculptures that are in peoples front yards.

They also thought of the idea for every flamingo to be coloured bright pink because before they were black in colour and no one liked them and now that they are pink heaps of people love them and they are rated in the top 5 of all time popular birds.

There is one flamingo on the council who is an associate and he is the one who doesn’t have a top hat.

To become a fully fledged member he needs to pass a series of rigorous tests one of which is completing a super hard soduku puzzle.

The End.

council of flamingos web

council of flamingos 3 web

council of flamingos 4 web

council of flamingos 5 web


progress2 web

council of flamingos 2 web

Rod the Rad Koala

Rod the Rad Koala painting by Mulga the Artist - web

An Ode to Rod the Rad Koala

A radical dude is the koala called Rod
He cruises about town in his vintage hot rod

He works in the factory that makes eucalyptus drops
And in his lunch break he eats three paddle pops

On his days off he heads down with his crew
To the beach to get tubes and a meat pie or two

When the waves are flat he plays volleyball on the beach
And for a koala he’s got quite exceptional reach

The End

Sweet Mulga Clocks

We just received a sweet delivery of Mulga clocks and they will make all your time telling times super tops!

Grab one from my online shop in the next week or at Double Bay Festival this Sunday (2 Nov 2014) and you will get a free matching Mulga print. Woo!

3 clocks in space- web

pineapple single clock- web

leroy single clock- web

elephant single clock- web


Phoenix Organic Drinks

I was invited to design a limited edition artist label for Phoenix Drinks Organic Cola.

As part of their Love Project, Phoenix have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines and Tangaroa Blue to help clean up and protect our beautiful beaches and coastal walkways.

In Australia and New Zealand look out for one in your local cafe.
featherbeard felix-webphoenix mulga and phoenix drink1


10574245_917546071595364_93175337581125566_n (1)

Neon Records Mural

I painted a super fun and bright mural in the office of Neon Records in Sydney. I painted 3 characters.

There is Carl the Killer Whale, he is Antarctica’s number one DJ and he regularly spins his tunes to tens of thousands of penguins when they have their crazy penguin raves. He was the official DJ for the Happy Feet movies.

Then there is Patrick Blackbeard. Patrick and Carl met at a massive penguin rave where Carl was DJing and Patrick was waiting for the Antarctic ice to thaw so he could sail his pirate ship to warmer waters. Patrick was so impressed with Carl’s wicked beats that he partnered up with Carl to start Neon Records, the worlds premier record label for ocean animals. They now spend their days hosting huge raves in the Bermuda Triangle for all the ocean animals.

Finally, there is Nathan the Neon Lion. Nathan’s previous job was as a bridge keeper under a bridge filling in for a troll who had to take some personal leave to deal with some family issues. Now his full time gig is patrolling the door at Neon Records. Everything is going great for Nathan.

carl,patrick,mulga-webpatrick black beard closeup-web patrick angle-webkiller angle-webpainting patrick-webneon lion - webneon lion in hallway-web

Banana Bro’s at Macquarie Centre

I painted this mural at Macquarie Centre in North Ryde. I painted on some hoardings which are used to hide the renovations.

They are the Banana Bro’s and they love eating bananas.  They can often be heard remarking ” We’re the Banana Bro’s one, two, three, eating those yellow treats for lunch and tea”.bros1-sqbros-poem-sqbros-closeup-sq

Rainbow Ronnie at Cafe Lounge

I painted a big rainbow Rasta gorilla on the building where Cafe Lounge is located (277 Goulburn St Surry Hills).

His name is Rainbow Ronnie and this is his story.

An Ode to Rainbow Ronnie

He is a big Rasta gorilla chilling in the sun
Making Rasta rainbows just for his fun

In between his hands is where the rainbow goes
Sometimes its even glowing from out between his gorilla toes

He lives at a place called Rainbow Ape Bay
Where he sits on the sand making rainbows all day

You should visit it cause its a real nice place
And rainbows will always be shining on your face

The End
1ronnieweb7 1ronnieweb5 1ronnieweb1 1ronnieweb9 1ronnieweb15 1ronnieweb3 1ronnieweb8 1ronnieweb14

Magical Gorillas and Diamond Thrillers at Cafe La Piadina

I painted on the walls of Cafe La Piadina in Bondi.

Curated by Activated Walls, every month a new artists makes the outside of this cafe, which is run by 3 Italian brothers, their canvas.

I was the artist for July, previous artists have been EarsMike Watt and Skulk.

I titled this piece Magical Gorillas and Diamond Thrillers.

On the side wall I painted Garth, someone said he kind of looks like Putin, I agree except Putin wishes he could grow a beard like Garth.

web1muralweb5web5mural3webmural2webweb7muralweb71924331_1450735811846938_4586529705957556209_n 10408102_1450704905183362_3005345290345789929_n 10460727_1450704908516695_8824377375762876089_n 10461620_1450736241846895_2019069513106857487_n 10464290_1450737391846780_6138276921347474277_n 10478633_1450735781846941_4964150680300618261_n 10501624_1450674081853111_2032944420014058435_n 10509520_1451103725143480_7139786912681981143_n  10533762_1451087155145137_8373678487147900845_n10523837_1451869451733574_3947852037450392266_n

Mia the Magical Unicorn

Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web
Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web1 Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web2Mulga the Artist  - Mia the Magical Unicorn - web3

In the Christmas holidays I had the good fortune to be invited to paint live at Mambo’s pop up shop in Circular Quay.

Mum and dad came along and helped me paint Mia the Magical Unicorn. She derives her magical powers from eating magical ice creams.

Trait was painting alongside me and he painted a magical kookaburra.

It was great times and everybody did a great job.

Faux Metal Jacket

I have submitted a piece of art into this cool artshow at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi.

Interview with Yen Magazine


I was recently interviewed by Yen Magazine where I talked about Bart Simpson, carrot cake and Golden Gaytimes.

It is very insightful and you will really like it a lot like a monkey likes a banana.

Read all about it here.

Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel

 © Mulga 2014, Tom the Turtle and Dana the Weasel, Acrylic on Mounted Plywood, 40 x 60 cm

© Mulga 2014, Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel, Acrylic on Mounted Plywood, 40 x 60 cm

I was commissioned to paint a turtle and a weasel for a birthday present for Tom. This is what I painted.

An Ode to Turtle Tom and Dana Weasel

A turtle and a weasel that’s what I saw
Running from the club through the back door

What mischief they made I do not know
But the fellas chasing them were ready to go

Tom the turtle was a music dude
Gigging every night and playing for his food

A weasel called Dana was his manager chick
She called the shots and was very slick

While Tom was jamming Dana was always hustling
She would sniff out a card game and muscle her way in

Her methods were suss but she always won
And more often than not they’d leave on the run

A regular Bonnie and Clyde is what they were
And an interesting couple they made, him and her

The End

Gino the Majestic Tiger

Gino the Tiger by Mulga the Artist

© Mulga 2014, Gino the Majestic Tiger, Acrylic on Paper, 42 x 55 cm

I was commissioned to paint a tiger for Gino’s 30th birthday. This is what I made.

An Ode to Gino the Majestic Tiger

There was this tiger called Gino and he was magic indeed
He had a diamond on his head if it’s more proof you need

From a very young age he liked making pasta
He learnt off Papa tiger the pasta making master

When he got older, deep in the jungle he began
Building a ristorante with his own two hands

He built it up high in a big jungle tree
And the view was special and all of Haberfield you could see

He thought long and hard and named it ‘Pappardelle’
Which is a broad, flat noodle and is pretty darn swell

To wrap this ode up and what I would like to say
Is happy 30th Gino and have a lovely day

The End