We Know/See Everything

 © Mulga 2012, We Know Everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

© Mulga 2012, We see everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

These are 2 zombies that have special powers.

The first zombie dude reckons he know everything and this is signified by the diamond that he holds above his head.  The diamond sparkles and is ever so pretty. He wears a pretty cool singlet with nice stripes and a fish on it. Fish is his favorite food to eat after human brain.

The second zombie dude has a star on his forehead with little dashes coming out of it which alludes to the fact that he can see everything. Maybe he can maybe he can’t, no-one really knows. He also has a ponytail that is too big for his head. That is because I drew the pony tail first and the body second, not the best way to do things.

See you next time

Fish Beard Phil

© Mulga 2012, Fish Beard Phil, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm
This is my latest post for CreatureMag
An Ode to Fish Beard Phil
With a beard so wet and blue as this
It’s no surprise it’s home to fish
Bass and marlin and tuna too
Even a few whales big and blue
When Phil needs a feed he casts a net
Into his beard and his need is met
It’s fish for breakfast, lunch and tea
That’s fine with Phil the sea zombie
See you next time

Magic Lion

© Mulga 2012, Magic Lion, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Magic Lion

This here lion
Is magic indeed
His roar is special
And he likes to feed

On zebras and beef
And goats and sheep
But the village people
Call him a thief

Whenever he roars
People run away
The roar is magical
That’s what the people say

It’s said he runs like a leopard
And flies like a bird
Swims like a gator
With colours absurd

He is as strong as a rhino
Has vision like an eagle
As cunning as a fox
And teeth so lethal

Magic Lion rules supreme
King of the jungle
Ruler of the pride
And he likes to rumble

See you next time
– Mulga

Let Them Try

© Mulga 2012, Let Them Try, Ink on Paper, 18 x 14 cm

His name is Bonzo
He is large and mean
His style is gonzo
He eats a mung bean

He lives in a cave
Dark and deep
Full of gold
He wishes to keep

He has regular visitors
To his place
Those thieves and bandits
All meet the mace

“Let them try”
He’s been known to say
And”Gives me some exercise”
“Make my day”

Boom, bash
Crash and boom
“Invade my cave
And meet thy doom!”

The End

See you next time

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

© Mulga 2012, King Herman the Third, Zombie King, Ink on Paper and digitally coloured, 9 x 14 cm

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

This is King Herman the Third, king of the modern day zombies.
He rules with an iron glove and eats people like there’s no tommorrow.

He once ate a dude for breakfast with some honey on top.
It’s been rumured that he has zombiefied over 10,000 persons all due to his humungous appetite for human flesh and world domination.

The quote in the picture relates to the fact that the zombie army is growing and that the zombie apocolypse will soon be upon us and that the world as we know it will come to an end and King Herman the Third will assume control of the population of Earth.

He plans to eat all peoples so that the whole Earth is only made up of zombies then he wants to build a big spaceship and fly to the moon and live there because after the taste of human flesh cheese is his second favourite flavour.

Time will only tell if he succeeds, but I have been hearing stories of increased zombie attacks in the news, so it looks like the time to freak out could be upon us.

See you next time.

Mr T Bird Beard the Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Mr T Bird Beard the Zombie, Acrylic Paint and Posca Pen on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

I painted this dude for my fortnightly feature in CreatureMag called Mulga’s Zombie Zoo in which I post a new zombie painting every 2 weeks.

An Ode To Mr T Bird Beard

He’s a tough looking zombie with a look that strikes fear
But under the surface he’s a sweet old dear

The birds really love him and nest in his beard
They know in their hearts there’s not a thing to be feared

If everyone had a beard that was this fully grown
Every little bird would always have a home

See you next time.

Mousetrap Board Riders Surf Club Logo

© Mulga 2012, Mousetrap Board Riders Surf Club Logo, Ink on Food Dyed Paper, 30 x 40 cm

My good friend Stuart McKerihan suggested I  draw the logo for the legendary Mousetrap Board Riders Club. I finally completed it. Do you like it Stuart?

An Ode to the Mousetrap Boardriders

They’re rats on traps

Hairy little beasts
Doing carves and snaps
It looks funny from the beach

Upon rat traps
They surf like pros
A couple of them
Like to surf on the nose

An agent of death
They’ve used for their means
A death trap transformed
Happy as mung beans

Their club house is located
In the sewer at Cronulla point
A dingy dungeon of a place
But they’re home in that joint

When the tide is low
And they hear the sea roar
They scurry from their lair
And tubes they score

They got no rules
It’s every rat for himself
It’s drop in central
On that rock shelf

The End

See you next time

Skateboard Art – Bright Bearded Beanie Man with Curly Mo

© Mulga 2012, Skateboard Art – Bearded Beanie Man with Curly Mo, Acrylic and Posca on skateboard
This is a skate deck that I painted on with paint and then went over it with black posca pen.
He is a happy curled mustache wearing colourful bearded displaying beanie wearing dude.
An Ode to Bright Beard
His beard is bright
His grin is nice
He sleeps at night
His food has spice
Many colours did
His beard become
When in Madagascar
He ate chameleon
It’s magical powers
Upon his beard unleashed
Like a bouquet of flowers
Or a whale beached
When he’s sad it’s blue
And angry it’s red
Orange it turns
After butter chicken he’s fed
When he’s happy
That’s what you now see
Many magical colours
Bright beard that’s he
The End
See you next time

Skate Deck Art – Knight Beard

© Mulga 2012, Knight Beard, Acrylic Paint and Posca Pen on a Skate Deck
This is Knight Beard. He likes doing knighty stuff like jousting and wearing bits of metal on his body while riding a horse in the forest and chopping peoples heads off and eating a roast pig with an apple in it’s mouth and going on crusades and being in Dan Brown books.
I drew him on a skate deck for Lodown my local skate shop.
He is for sale for $300 in aforementioned shop or email me.
Did you see I am in the running for a t-shirt design comp. See my last post for the details. Please vote for my design or Knight Beard will come and joust ya! Nah just joking, Knight Beard is friendly as a turtle.
See you next time.

I need your help to win the Little Help Project 3

Late last year I entered a few designs in AS Colour’s A Little Help Project. This is the tee company where I source my blank tees from. I forgot all about it until I received an email saying I was in the top 10 as picked by a panel of tee design experts YEW!!!

The prize is a package worth $10,000 to the most popular t-shirt design as determined by Facebook-likes and sales in their retail shops in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney.

To win, my design must be the most popular with the peeps that matter, you and your friends.

If you want to help me win the thing, there’s a lot you can do with little to no effort:


1. Like the design on the Little Help Project’s home page

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PS. Liking on both the above links will get me 2 votes 

3. Buy the shirt in AS Colour’s retail stores in Auckland, Wellington or Sydney
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Thanks friends!!

Magic Beard

© Mulga 2012, Magic Beard!, Ink on Paper then digitally colored

This is a little sketch I did of magic beard.
I am thinking of doing a painting like this and the beard will have different colored geometric shapes a be nice and bright.
Here’s a poem about magic beard

An Ode To Magic Beard

His beard is magic
It performs many feats
His skin is yellow
From the sand at the beach

When his beard enters
Any kind of room
It lights up the place
Like a nuclear mushroom

The world becomes brighter
The colours have a zing
The birds of the air
Cannot help but sing

They sing
Magic Beard
Magic Beard
Magic Beard
(you have to sing that last bit with increasing pitch and loudness for it to work, try it with me now
 – magic beard, Magic Beard, MAGIC BEEAARRDD!)

See you next time

They’ve Drunk Our Blood Now It’s Time To Die!

 © Mulga 2012, They’ve Drunk Our Blood, Ink on Paper,9 x 14 cm
© Mulga 2012, Time To Die, Ink on Paper,9 x 14 cm

These are 2 artworks I completed in my notebook.
They are freaky characters.
Here’s a poem I wrote about them and as usual it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 
If any one wants to write their own poem I can put it up on the blog.
An ode to these two freaks
They’ve drunk our blood
We have no food
Our bellies do grumble
That is quite rude
We will arise
With pitch forks raised
Our rage intense
And justified
We’ll gut those pigs
Who caused this mess
Dues will be paid
Of this we stress
Now it’s time to die
There’s no place to run
Only charred bones will remain
When we’re done
Justice will be served
Just like a cake
At the birthday party
But it’ll be your wake
The End
See you next time

Ratus Got a New Board

© Mulga 2012, Ratus Got a New Board, Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 20 x 30.5 cm

An Ode to Ratus

Ratus is stoked
He got a new board
It’s a speedy fish
And shan’t be ignored

His stance is funny
And he has one eye
He got knifed 
By some very angry guy

Then Ratus got mad
So he used his tail
To choke the guy
Like a big white whale

Oh the horror
Oh the pain
To have lost thee eye
So totally in vain

He keeps the wound covered
Like a tent in the rain
But every night
Ole Ratus feels the pain

It pulses and pounds
Inside is his brain
Keeps him awake
Till he turns insane

His surfboard is now new
And now he surfs everyday
Still with one eye
But with a feeling of gay

The End

See you next Time

Surf Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Surf Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

Buy this original painting of Surf Ratus for $40 or buy A4 prints for $10 or A3 for $20.

Email me at mulgasroom@gmail.com to buy.

Here’s a poem about Surf Ratus

An Ode to Surf Ratus

He is a rat
He is yellow
His tail is purple
He eats raspberry jello

He surfs the sewers
Among the turds
Kinda like Nulla
But without the birds

He reached great heights
In the surf sewer arena
But he never did beat
Sneaky Ratty Slater

The picture you see
Is before his last heat
Located beneath
Jabba the Hutts toilet seat

The log was so large
It set off a wave
The likes of which
Sent this rat to his grave

The wave in question
Could give him the score
To show Ratty Slater
The proverbial door

So he turned and burned
And dug his claws in deep
Gathered the speed
To conquer the beast

He made the drop
And pulled under the lip
Only to see
Jabba’s log do a flip

It flipped in the air
Like a thrown cat
Came down on his head
And squashed him flat

He died that day
In Jabba’s log entombed
Never did beat Slater
And forever perfumed

The End

See you next time.

Hanging Ratus and Haka Ratus

 © Mulga 2012, Hanging Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

© Mulga 2012, Haka Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

It’s fun drawing rats
Probably better than cats
Dog’s could be cool
Or a pig in a pool
But I pity the fool
Who steps in a stool

See you next time

Return of the Ratus Times Two

© Mulga 2012, Bomber Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

© Mulga 2012, Gun Fingers Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm
These are 2 recent ratus watercolour artworks I completed in celebration of the opening of my online shop
They are cheeky rats for sure.
If you return here in a few days I will post 2 more ratus characters.
See you next time

Where’s My Scalp Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Where’s My Scalp Zombie, Highlighter and Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

This zombie is not to happy, he lost his scalp.
He cries tears of green ooze and longs for the day when the cool winds of change did not ruffle the insides of his subconscious.
You can buy this guy on a sticker here.
Here’s a poem about this creepy creature
Where’s My Scalp Zombie
His scalp is gone
His brains are green
His head was sawn
By things unseen
The birds do nibble
He collects the rain
He’s prone to dribble
We can see his brain
Oh the horror!
Oh the strain!
To have uncovered
Thee precious brain!
The End
See you next time

Purple Dancing Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Purple Dancing Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm
I painted 5 pictures of colourful rats in various poses in celebration of the opening of my online shop. 
The first 5 people to buy a sticker at the shop will get a colourful rat painting similar to this one for free. 
At the time of writing there is 4 paintings available. 
Stickers are only $2, buy them here
Here’s a poem about purple dancing ratus.
Purple Dancing Ratus 

He’s a rat
He aint to shy
He killed the cat
But lost his eye
Now he prances
On old cat’s grave
All night he dances
As if it’s a rave
He waves his hands
In the air
His tail is yellow 
And purple is his hair
He’s a vengeful critter
An odd little freak
He eats the catty litter
And his breath does reak

See you next time