Surf Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Surf Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

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Here’s a poem about Surf Ratus

An Ode to Surf Ratus

He is a rat
He is yellow
His tail is purple
He eats raspberry jello

He surfs the sewers
Among the turds
Kinda like Nulla
But without the birds

He reached great heights
In the surf sewer arena
But he never did beat
Sneaky Ratty Slater

The picture you see
Is before his last heat
Located beneath
Jabba the Hutts toilet seat

The log was so large
It set off a wave
The likes of which
Sent this rat to his grave

The wave in question
Could give him the score
To show Ratty Slater
The proverbial door

So he turned and burned
And dug his claws in deep
Gathered the speed
To conquer the beast

He made the drop
And pulled under the lip
Only to see
Jabba’s log do a flip

It flipped in the air
Like a thrown cat
Came down on his head
And squashed him flat

He died that day
In Jabba’s log entombed
Never did beat Slater
And forever perfumed

The End

See you next time.

Hanging Ratus and Haka Ratus

 © Mulga 2012, Hanging Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

© Mulga 2012, Haka Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

It’s fun drawing rats
Probably better than cats
Dog’s could be cool
Or a pig in a pool
But I pity the fool
Who steps in a stool

See you next time

Return of the Ratus Times Two

© Mulga 2012, Bomber Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

© Mulga 2012, Gun Fingers Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm
These are 2 recent ratus watercolour artworks I completed in celebration of the opening of my online shop
They are cheeky rats for sure.
If you return here in a few days I will post 2 more ratus characters.
See you next time

Where’s My Scalp Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Where’s My Scalp Zombie, Highlighter and Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

This zombie is not to happy, he lost his scalp.
He cries tears of green ooze and longs for the day when the cool winds of change did not ruffle the insides of his subconscious.
You can buy this guy on a sticker here.
Here’s a poem about this creepy creature
Where’s My Scalp Zombie
His scalp is gone
His brains are green
His head was sawn
By things unseen
The birds do nibble
He collects the rain
He’s prone to dribble
We can see his brain
Oh the horror!
Oh the strain!
To have uncovered
Thee precious brain!
The End
See you next time

Purple Dancing Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Purple Dancing Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm
I painted 5 pictures of colourful rats in various poses in celebration of the opening of my online shop. 
The first 5 people to buy a sticker at the shop will get a colourful rat painting similar to this one for free. 
At the time of writing there is 4 paintings available. 
Stickers are only $2, buy them here
Here’s a poem about purple dancing ratus.
Purple Dancing Ratus 

He’s a rat
He aint to shy
He killed the cat
But lost his eye
Now he prances
On old cat’s grave
All night he dances
As if it’s a rave
He waves his hands
In the air
His tail is yellow 
And purple is his hair
He’s a vengeful critter
An odd little freak
He eats the catty litter
And his breath does reak

See you next time

Zombie Tennis Player with Mo, Goatee and Headband

© Mulga 2012, Zombie Tennis Player, Acrylic and Posca on wood, 68 x 102 cm

This is a big orange zombie that I painted. His name is Allen.
He looks like he just finished a marathon tennis match and he is really parched. You can tell because his tongue is lolling about and his gums are showing because they are really dry and his lips are getting caught on them.
That happens to me sometimes. It makes me look like a horse. When I was in school I used to ride my bike and sometimes when I arrived at school in the morning my lips would be stuck to my gums and I would look heaps funny. My friends would point and laugh because I looked so different from normal.
He is also really weary which you can tell from his eyes, his left eye in particular. It has an odd squint about it.
I am not sure if you can tell from this picture but there is a huge amount of detail in his facial hair and headband. That is his favourite headband because his grandmother knitted it for him before she passed away. It has strong sentimental value for him and he cherishes it dearly. It is also really effective at keeping the zombie sweat out of his eyes during a long rally.
This painting is for sale.
See you next time.

Winter Surfer Zombie

                          © Mulga 2012, Winter Surfer Zombie, Ink and texta on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

This is the winter surfer zombie.

A Poem About the Winter Surfer Zombie

He likes his hood
When the waters cold
It goes really good
It makes him bold

He surfs the Antarctic
On his single fin
With the penguins and seals
He likes the waves big
He lost his fingers
And all his toes
From a real long session
He even lost his nose
He’d do it again
It was that good
It’s etched in his memory
Under his hood
See you next time.
– Mulga


© Mulga 2012, Longbeard, Ink on Paper, 32 x 80 cm
In order to grow a beard as awesome as this one you need to learn the ancient art of beard hypnotisation.
Once you master this ancient art you too can yield great results in the area of beard construction.
Here is a poem I wrote to commemorate the awesomeness of this beard.

See you next time.

Sikh Guru with Beard and Bejeweled Turban

© Mulga 2011, Sikh Guru, Ink on Paper, 20 x 35 cm

A Poem About My Sikh Guru Drawing

Come with me
I’m a Sikh Guru
You will see
I don’t wear a shoe

I stoke my beard
In a pose of thought
Sometimes I’m jeered
I’ve never been caught

Like David Blaine
I will mesmerize
With feats of wonder
You won’t believe your eyes

My turban is sweet
It protects my brain
Me jewels are neat
I am not vain

My eyes will pierce
Into your soul
With lazer beams
I turn bronze to gold

See you next time

The Majestic Afro and Beard of Jungle Man

© Mulga 2012, Jungle Man, Ink on Paper, 30 cm x 40 cm

This drawing is based on a photo of TV on the Radio singer Tunde Adebimpe that I found on the interweb. Some people thought it was a drawing of The Roots drummer, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson.
I’ll tell you right now, those afro curls took a long time to draw!
Lucky I had the intention to finish this drawing or I would never have completed it.
It consumed my time like a killer whale consumes penguins.
See you next time.

Captain Monkey Pants

Mulga, Captain Monkey Pants, Ink on Paper, 26 x 36 cm

An Ode to Captain Monkey Pants
This man I can recommend
You will want him as your friend
This man has a beard
This man is weird
He’s a captain with a pipe
He likes his bananas ripe
His hat is cool and he pity’s the fool
Who aint seen the world and when he rides a wave
He likes that cave when it’s perfectly curled
He travels the world in his ship with his crew and cat
He once saved a monkey king who was in a flap
The monkey king gave him a gift
As a reward for the lift
It was a pair of pants
They were magical
They were fantastical
They did not contain ants
They were full of power
And they bloomed like a flower
When the time was right
They helped solve any plight
The story of Captain Monkey Pants is truly amazing
He’s everyone’s favourite captain who’s a little crazy

Bombastic Beanie Man

Bombastic Beanie Man

Hello, look at me I’m the beanie man
I wear a beanie like only I can

Actually my name is Wally
And I push a trolley
Full of all my junk
It’s easier to push than a trunk

I sleep in the day 
And wander at night
It makes it less likely 
I’ll be stabbed by a knife

I got no shoes 
And I got the blues
I play the banjo 
And I love to snooze

I once walked five days straight
And saw an Indian rat snake
I did a double take and then ate a steak
But it was all a dream I realized when I did awake

My eyes will pierce you like a dagger
And my banjo will make you dance like Jagger

My coat is fantastic 
And my songs are bombastic
Some say I’m an iconoclastic 
Others say I’m just enthusiastic

I’m a mystery man
See me once
And you’ll never see me again
I am the super bombastic beanie man

See you next time
– Mulga

The One Armed Sushi Chef otherwise known as the Beard Man Wearing Headband with Anchor on it

The One Armed Sushi Chef

He has a beard
And a headband too
His anchor is geared
For wowing you

He’s a sushi chef
Of the highest order
His name is Jeff
He abhors disorder

He’s the fastest slicer
In the land
He doesn’t use a ricer
He has one hand

He’s an Iron Chef
On that SBS cooking show
He killed the ref
With one blow

The decision was wrong
Or so he thought
And because he didn’t win
He killed the lot

You’ll find him now
In his little sushi shop
Forget to pay the bill
And you’ll get the chop

See you next time

Beardo the Weirdo

Here is Beardo the Weirdo. 
He is a zombie. 
My good friend Stuart wrote a poem to accompany the picture. 
We hope you enjoy.

Mutant Cowboy Zombie

The Tale of the Mutant Cowboy Zombie

After the heist on the bank
They shot old hank
Left him to die and stole his take
Only he didn’t die
He turned into a pie
The sun baked him good
Like only the sun could
His flavor was chicken and curry
But he was in no hurry
Got bit by some a freaky  wolves
Turned into a mutant with big hoofs
He galloped around
Then a flood came and he nearly drowned
But he gained the power of ten thousand suns
And set off to track down those bums
Those double crossing cowards
Weazly pickers of flowers
He found them in the saloon of a desert town
Drunk as skunks and acting the clown
They had looks of fear
When they saw his mutant lear
And his disfigurement ever so severe
His chicken curry skin glistened in the light 
As he reached for his shooter with his hand on the right
His aim was perfect and shot them all three
With but one bullet that buzzed like a bee
After that he took a drink
And sat down for little think
What kind of life is this for a mutant freak
With a chicken curry face and hooves for feet
So he joined the circus and he was a success
The moral of the story is to be your freakiest best
The End

See you next time

Zombie with New York Yankee Baseball Cap

This is a zombie that I drew with artline pen and highlighter texters.
I wrote a poem to accompany the picture.

He’s got a hat
A New York Yankees hat
He wears it forward and not back
They called him the home run king
When he hit the ball he gave it real zing
But now he’s all washed up
Got busted for throwing a game for a coupla bucks
Now he spends his days on the streets
Selling hot dogs and similar meats
Although it might not appear the case
He’s doing well, he’s in some good head space
He’s in touch with his true self
He’s wearing his real face
He kicked the habit and the hangers on
Got some real friends who won’t do him wrong
He’s found himself, he’s been restored
He’s a zombie on the move forward

See you next time