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Benny Redbeard

Mulga the Artist-Captain Benny Redbeard-web

An Ode to Benny Benny Redbeard

This is a tale of Redbeard Benny
He comes from the land of the pound and penny

He lived on a badger farm with his mum and dad
He used to wear Nikes cause he thought they were rad

One day he got a skateboard and a badger he did ollie
All the kids saw it and they said ‘good gosh golly!’

Have you heard of Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo?
Well he studied with his son, Cornwallis that’s who!

Then one day when fishing from the cliffs so high
He fell into the ocean and he nearly did die

After the incident his beard began to grow
Something had changed and he became the man you know

Thus concludes the tale of Benny so groovy
With the bushiest beard coloured red, red ruby

The End

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