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Surfer Dude Zombie

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An Ode to Frog Skin Freddy

By Stuart McKerihan

Frog skin Freddy’s
One of those real cool cats
Rocking shades at night
Looking shifty as a rat

Why he hits the beach
Is really beyond me
Working on his tan
Without an inch of skin you see

An old fella once told me
He used to have flesh
The chicks went wild
He looked real fresh

If only Freddy knew
There’s no healthy tan
Because now he looks
Like he stuck his head in a fan

First the nose had to go
Then the skin began to weep
Before he new it
He looked a right royal creep

Freddy didn’t take
To his new looks so well
Turns out his personality
Also cast no spells

All the babes were repulsed
His dates were real skint
But poor ol’ Freddy
Just can’t take a hint

So he still hits the sand
In his reflector shades
With no epidermis
To soak up the rays

Though the ladies no longer
Think he’s too bangin’
All the crew down the graveyard
Think he’s real happenin’

The End

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